The College of Home Sciences is a constituent college of the University of Swat. The University of Swat monitors its academic activities, administrative & financial issues. The College of Home Sciences was founded in 2013 to create a distinguished center of excellence for teaching and research in the field of Home Economics. It is a professional level college offering highly specialized and technical courses in five different disciplines of Home Economics i.e. Art & Design, Food & Nutrition, Human Development & Family Studies, Management Studies and Textile & Clothing. Now with the establishment of Women sub campus university of Swat which was inaugurated on 25th July, 2017 the Home Economics department of the said college become one of the department of Women campus along with other departments of Women campus given as under:

  • Department of Zoology
  • Department of Botany
  • Department of Psychology.
  • Department of Home Economics

the subjects offered in the said departments of Women Campus however, enhance and add to the professional and transferable skills of young women and thus empower them to become the leaders of positive and productive change within their surrounding communities as well as nationwide through active participation in discussions and decision makings at homes as well as at national levels. Moreover, the following opportunities would be available to students at their doorsteps:

  1. Preparation of the individuals to become professionals for the development of community and environment.
  2. To provide up-to-date and modern education to the students and to develop social sensibilities and prepare the students to manage their various roles not only as individuals but also as family members and citizens of the state.
  3. To gear women towards a number of professional careers thus providing them countless opportunities to improve their living standards.
  4. To give realization to the women about the importance of their distinct role as nation builders.
  5. To expose the students to the modern knowledge and technology in order to familiarize them with the advancements in the industrial sector.
  6. To educate women so that they may be able to make themselves useful individuals as well as may play their role as effective members of a family.
  7. To prepare leaders in the various fields of Home Economics: food & nutrition, institutional food management, home management & housing, child development and social relationship, clothing & textile and related art.
  8. To contribute to the improvement of quality and standard of life in Pakistan and to strengthen the family as the foundation of the nation.
  9. To provide excellent education.
  10. To train and prepare graduate students, for careers in scientific psychology and scientifically based professional practice.
  11. To carry out these educational goals on the principles of scholarly excellence, interdisciplinary collaboration and wide ranging psychological services.
  12. To assist students in developing skills and knowledge necessary for success in endeavors after completion of the degree.
  13. To impart a high quality and versatile education in congenial learning environment, where students are motivated to acquire modern knowledge in the field of Psychology and prove the effective practitioners and scholars in the future and hence to contribute to the development of the country by working on psychological and social problems.
  14. Preparation of an out-standing faculty of scientific researchers well qualified and having great experiences and contribution in the field of Botany and biodiversity, opening ways to conserve national natural resources and bio-civilized heritage.
  15. Contribution in implementing studies and research pertaining to identify natural resources, wildlife, and making constructive programs to accomplish better utilization of indigenous plant resources.
  16. To make sure, the parallelism to current events and scientific interests in biotic components of environmental issues, facing their problems, and inspiring hope for insuring better life.
  17. Contribution in accomplishment of national policies aiming at protecting live organisms, performing studies and taking care of environmental issues in the purpose of finding appropriate solutions at local and international levels.


1. BS Home Economics       
2. BS Zoology
3. BS Botany
4. BS Psychology

Admission Requirements

BS- Program in each above Departments   

HSSC Pre-Medical/ F.A or equivalent with minimum 45% marks

F.Sc Pre-medical, Pre-engineering are offered (Eligibility: SSC in at least 2nd division with science subjects) at College of Home Science

Contact Detail:

0946-881037, 0946-881030

Email: womencampus@uswat.edu.pk


Dr. Shazia Sakhi

Assistant Professor
Campus Coordinator Women Campus & Principal College of Home Sciences

Ms.Rohi Naz

In-Charge, Department of Zoology
M.Sc Zoology (Gold medalist)
MPhil in Progress (AWKUM)

Ms. Shabnam Ibrahim

In-Charge, Department of Botany
M.Phil in Zoology (Hazara University)

Ms. Roya Shahhiman Zada

In-Charge, Department of Psychology

Phone Numbers: 0946-881030-37

Email: womencampus@uswat.edu.pk