SWAT: University of Swat denied the allegations leveled by a female teacher against some of the administrative officers and faculty members including a female teacher Ms Laiba (visiting teacher Women Campus) of the university in her statement issued to different media sections.
The Public Relation Officer (PRO) of University of Swat on Saturday said in his statement that Dr. Zakia, Assistant Professor at the Center of Plants Sciences and Biodiversity, University of Swat, has been transferred to her own department in light of the on-going inquiries against her.
He, further stated that she was only relieved from the additional responsibilities of the Campus Coordinator Women Campus by the versity Vice Chancellor as per provision given in the Universities Model Act, which was assigned to her earlier. The PRO said that university has given a written application to different law enforcing agencies to look into the matter, adding that the inquiry, which has already been initiated a week ago, once concluded the findings would be shared with all stakeholders according to relevant sections of laws.
He said that University of Swat is imparting quality education to more than 5000 students including female students, adding that this act of the faculty member is seemingly aimed at harming the reputation of this set of high learning and its faculty members and officers.

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