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To upload all the files to your google drive as a one file
1. The first step is gather all the data to be shared with students.
2. Create folder name as of your department name.
3. Create folders for programs offered by your department.
4. In each department folder, create number of semesters offered in respective program (Semester-II or Semester-IV or Semester-VI or Semester-VIII)
5. In each semester, create course name folder and put the course materials in the respective folder.
6. Now your data is completed and you need to upload the data.
7. Login to your Gmail account.
8. Click on icon in right ( )
9. Click on Google Drive

10. Click on My Drive and select upload folder.

11. After the folder uploaded, Right click on the uploaded folder and select share and click on advanced

12. select change

13.Choose the option “On – Anyone with the link ” and choose access as “Can View” and Save it.

14. Copy link and click done and share the copied link with Director IT on and Deputy Director IT/Web Admin on for display it on University website.

Video Tutorial for sharing files

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