Faculty of Life Sciences

Faculty Dean

Dr. Hassan Sher

Centre for Plant Sciences and Biodiversity
Email : hassansher@uswat.edu.pk

The Dean's Message

Welcome to the Faculty of Life Sciences (FLS) at the University of Swat. Under the cover of advanced pedagogical techniques, FLS dispenses state-of the-art empirical education and training facilities in the field of life sciences and environmental sciences. The faculty and staff are committed to the standards of academic excellence, and have left a trail of immense contribution behind that has earned FLS unrivaled reputation.
Contrary to the conventional pedagogical methods, FLS follows the modern student-centered approach that actively engages students in understanding, self-reflection, analysis, evaluation, and creation for successful academic as well as professional outcomes. Further traversing the train of modern education, FLS treats classrooms as skill-building-clinics and forces its students to remain vigorously engage in cognitive as well as productive academic activities that surely impact students' both immediate and terminal academic-professional objectives. For advancing pedagogical and research activities, the faculty's programs focus on uniformity in both macro and micro mechanisms in all living systems. Providing interdisciplinary educational/research facilities to unprivileged local and national students, FLS deals with its curriculum as living organisms, and keeps on updating them frequently to stand the test of the time.
For achieving a broader impact, FLS is planning to offers Refresher Courses to the community that foster mutual interaction on several fronts. These courses are expected to facilitate social and research communities, and advance teachers' aptitude/skills at other institutions/universities. Such programs catalyze students' theoretical and pragmatic understanding and expose them to a challenging academic milieu that transforms their conceptual, practical, and creative prowess. Academic activities like these add to the goals of science education at national and international levels. Next, located in the fertile floristic region, FLS is also focusing on rich-variant floristic wealth, ecosystem diversity, and the establishment of a gene pool in the region.
Located in a mosaic nature of geo-climatic conditions, the University of Swat geographical location is abundantly blessed in several ways. Rich in water, vegetation, fertile land, and alpine forests, the topography supplies the inhabitants with the natural blessing of agriculture, farming-culture, fruits, crops, medicinal plants, timber, firewood, precious stones, etc. that constitutes the backbone of the local economy. The rich biodiversity of the region has the required potential to engender several significant plants, extractable medicinal compounds, genes, etc. that have a high economic impact. Given the tremendous human activities in the area, there is still an urgent need for proper evaluation, characterization, documentation, and conservations of plant genetic resources for the coming-generations' safe and secure future.
Being the Dean of Faculty of Life Sciences at University of Swat, I warmly welcome you to the FLS to come and strive for your dream at this mesmerizing, egalitarian and advancing seat of learning to inspire plus frame a better tomorrow for the coming generations! Godspeed.
Prof. Dr. Hassan Sher
(SAARC Awardee & Gold Medalist)

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