DR. ANWAR HUSSAIN Associate Professor / Chairman Department of Economics and Development Studies

DR. ANWAR HUSSAIN Associate Professor / Chairman Department of Economics and Development Studies

Dr Anwar Hussain Resume/CV

Dr Anwar Hussain has done his PhD in Economics in the year 2010 and currently working as Associate Professor and Chairman of the Department of Economics and Development Studies, University of Swat. 

I have produced 4 PhDs and 44 M.Phil students who completed their Degrees in the Field of Economics, Environmental Economics and Development Studies. Besides, I am the author of more than 40 Journal articles, 2 conference papers, 6 newspaper articles, 2 policy briefs and 5 book chapters.

I have presented 7 research papers in the renowned conferences held in Italy, Cambodia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Philippine and Thailand. To further my skill in the field of Environmental Economics, I participated the 21-days summer workshop of South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics (SANDEE) held in Thailand.

I have worked as Associate Editor of the Pakistan top listed Journal in social sciences namely The Development Review (PDR), and remained as Secretary of the Editorial Committee of Working papers series of Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE), Islamabad.

I worked as Project Coordinator of the World Bank Funded project “FATA Development Indicators Household Survey (FDIHS-2013-14) and also remained a research Associate in the project “Efficient Participatory Irrigation Institutions to Support Productive and Sustainable Agriculture in South Asia” funded by Australian Center for International agriculture research (ACIAR). Besides, I also worked in the other projects funded by national and international organizations. 

I am also the member of three prestigious societies namely Pakistan Society of Development Economist (PSDE), International Society for Environment and Rural Development (ISERD) and Pakistan Society of Applied Economists (AERC).

PhD Students Supervised

S. NoName of the StudentDegree levelTitle of  thesisYear
 Zafirullah KhanPhD in Economics (PIDE)Institutions, Innovations and Economic Growth2017
 Hazrat YousufPhD in Economics (PIDE)Ecological Footprint, Economic Growth and Ecological Efficiency2017
 Naveed HayatPhD in Economics (PIDE)Ecolabeling, Sustainability and Trade: Evidence from Pakistan2018
 Muhammad Khan (Co-supervised)PhD in Urban Planning (Univ. of Peshawar)An Analysis of Households’ Demand For Improved Water and Sanitation Services Towards Better Planning in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa2019

MPhil Students Supervised

S. NoName of the StudentDegree levelTitle of  thesisYear
 Naeem AhmedMPhil Environmental EconomicsNon-Market Value of Rohthas Forte 2013
 Naveed HayatMPhil EconomicsAnalysis of Food Demand in Pakistan: Trends and Projections2013
 Rabia BangashMPhil Environmental EconomicsImpact of Climate change on Crops productivity in Pakistan2014
 Muhammad Khalil MPhil EconomicsGovernment Intervention and Food Price Variability: A case Study of Wheat Market Punjab, Pakistan2014
 Muhammad UmarMPhil Environmental EconomicsEconomic and Environmental Perspective of the Micro Hydro Power Plants in District Dir, KPK.2014
 Syed Sundas RazaMPhil Environmental EconomicsThe Nexus of Foreign Direct Investment, Economic Growth and Environment in Pakistan2014
 Abid AliMPhil EconomicsRole of Spending on Public goods in Agricultural Growth of Pakistan2014
 Muhammad RahmanMPhil EconomicsElectricity Energy consumption in Pakistan2014
 Sara JabeenMPhil EconomicsFiscal Marksmanship in Pakistan2014
 Sadia SheraziMPhil Environmental EconomicsEconomic Impact of SPS Measures on Mango’s Export of Pakistan2014
 Saeeda KhanMPhil Developing studiesImpact of Non-International Armed Conflict on Female Education District Swat, KPK.2015
 Muhammad ZubairMPhil EconomicsDemand and Supply of Wheat grains in Pakistan: Trends and Projections2015
 TariqMPhil EconomicsFiscal Marksmanship in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa2015
 SadafMPhil EconomicsDeterminants Of Institutional Quality in Asia2015
 Bakht ZaminMPhil EconomicsRelative city Prices Convergence in Selected Districts of Punjab2015
 Asma SaeedMPhil Environmental EconomicsEnvironmental Impacts of Standard of Living in District Mardan, KP2015
 Salma KausarMPhil Environmental EconomicsSocio-Economic and Environmental Factors Affecting Health in District Bhimber (AJK)2015
 ZiaullahMPhil Developing studiesWhy youth Joins Militancy? Case study of Mohmand Agency, FATA2015
 Zunaria ZareenMPhil Environmental EconomicsDeterminants of Hotels’ Prices: A case study of Islamabad2015
 Ayesha ShujahiMPhil Environmental EconomicsEconomic and Environmental Costs of Tourism: Evidences from District Abbottabad2015
 Syed Umar Hayat ShahMPhil Environmental EconomicsEconomic and Environmental Costs and Benefits of Paper Mulberry: A case study of Islamabad2015
 Sadia HanifMPhil Environmental EconomicsImpact of Weather Changes on Farm income in District Multan (Punjab)2015
 Munazzam HussainMPhil Developing StudiesE-Governance in facilitating the Public: A case of Passport office Islamabad.2016
 Hina IrshadMPhil Environmental EconomicsAnalysis of Ecological Efficiency and its Influencing Factors in Developing Countries2016
 Saghira KiranMPhil Environmental EconomicsSocioeconomic and Environmental Factors Affecting Housing Prices in Islamabad2016
 Muneeb ur RahmanMPhil EconomicsThe role of Microcredit in Improving the wellbeing of rural households: Evidence from community Livelihood fund in District Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa2016
 Asma JavedMPhil Environmental EconomicsHotel Industry And Environmental Laws: A Case Study Of Selected Restaurants In Islamabad2016
 Usman Ali KhanMPhil Environmental EconomicsAnalysis of Ecological Footprints of Rural-Urban Households in Islamabad2016
 Shazia KhanMPhil Environmental EconomicsEconomic and Environmental Impacts of Zoning in Islamabad2016
 Fatima AtharMPhil Environmental EconomicsRole and loss of Biodiversity: Evidence from District Hungo, KP2016
 Syed Qasim ShahMPhil Developing StudiesREDD+ in Province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Institutional Arrangements and Challenges2017
 Naeem BahadurMPhil Environmental EconomicsEconomic and Environmental Costs of Livestock Manure in Islamabad2017
 Haroon AfridiMPhil Developing StudiesThe community health workers in Khyber Agency, FATA: Existing status and challenges2017
 Humaira TahirMPhil Environmental EconomicsMacro-Determinants of water footprint of agriculture sector: a case study of Pakistan2017
 Rameesha ZahidMPhil Environmental EconomicsFactors Influencing Crop Water Productivity in Pakistan: An Empirical Analysis2017
 Sofia AkramMPhil Environmental EconomicsWater Stress in Pakistan: Influencing Factors2017
 Junaid KhanM.Phil Public PolicyCanal Water Pricing In Punjab: Evidence From Mianwali District2018
 Aqsa ShoaibMPhil Environmental EconomicsFactors Influencing Marine Fishery Biodiversity in Pakistan2018
 Sidra AyubMPhil Environmental EconomicsEconomic Value Of Recreational Fishing: A Case Study Of Mangla Dam, Mirpur Azad Kashmir2018
 AbdurrehmanMPhil Environmental EconomicsFactors Influencing The Groundwater Resources In Water Stress Countries2018
 Ghania InamMPhil Environmental EconomicsConsumer Preference For Ecolabel Fish: A Case Study Of Islamabad2019
 Muhammad Rafi TaqiMPhil Environmental EconomicsFisheries’ Resources In River Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Influencing Factors And Institutional Arrangements2019
 Muhammad AshfaqueMPhil Environmental EconomicsAgriculture Policies and Cropping Pattern in Punjab Province of Pakistan: Issues of Water and Environment2019
 Sumera JalilMPhil Environmental EconomicsGroundwater rights and water scarcity: Evidence from Selected Sectors of Islamabad2019


  • Worked as principle investigator in the project “Payments for forest ecosystem         services in province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan” funded by Global Change Impact          Studies Center (GCISC), Ministry of Climate change, Islamabad, Pakistan conducted in           the year 2019.
  • Worked as Senior Researcher in the project tobacco taxation and its dissemination in           Pakistan” funded by University of Illinois” USA in the year 2018.
  • Working as a research Associate in the project “Efficient Participatory Irrigation        Institutions to Support Productive and Sustainable Agriculture in South Asia” funded   by Australian center for International agriculture research (ACIAR). Continued.
  • Monitoring Specialist/ Supervisor of the Project “Migration Survey in Pakistan         (2016)” funded by International Organization for Migration (IOM) conducted in the year 2016.
  • Co-Principal Investigator of the Project “Abatement Cost Calculation” funded by the           Ministry of Climate Change, Islamabad, conducted in the year 2016.
  • Co-Principal Investigator of the Competitive grant project “Pakistan with and          without SAFTA” funded by South Asia Network of Economic Research Institute      (SANEI), conducted in the year 2016.
  • Co-Principal Investigator of the Competitive granted project “Weather Shocks, Coping       Strategies and Farmers Livelihood: A case of Rural Areas of District Multan, Punjab”           funded by HEC conducted in the year 2015.
  • Co-Principal Investigator of the Competitive grant project “Groundwater Water        Sustainability in Baluchistan” funded by IFPRI, conducted in the year 2015.
  • Project Coordinator of the World Bank Funded project titled “FATA Development Indicator Household Survey (FDIHS-2013-14)in collaboration with IM Sciences, Bureau of Statistics and FATA Secretariat, Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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