Directorate Of Research and Technological Development

University is a place for free exchange of ideas, where research and teaching advance side by side for the general betterment of an appreciative society. In institutions of higher learning, teaching and research are not parallel activities – both are part and parcel of the overall learning process. The Directorate of Research & Technological Development, University of Swat, was therefore established to strengthen research at the academic level in the University. Following are the proposed/finalized TOR’S for the Directorate of Research and Technological Development, University of Swat.
1.    To strengthen research at the academic level so that research remains an integral component of academic activities at the University.
2.    To create awareness about quality research with updated technological development among teaching units.
3.   To liaison with funding sources in coordination with DORIC for support in  research work in the academic units of the University.
4.    To facilitate and coordinate with DORIC for research activities within the University.
5.    Facilitation in publication and presentation of research work of the University.

6.    To prepare and disseminate annual progress report on research and technological development.


Dr. Ahmad Ali

Assistant Professor (Center for Plant Sciences and Biodiversity)