Department of Psychological Studies


The aim to open Department of Psychological Studies at University of Swat is to develop in students those qualities, which fit them to fill worthily their places in their homes and in society. The Department of Psychological Studies has been functioning since 17 th October, 2012. BS 4-year program was offered in the beginning and then with the increasing interest of college-graduates, a Master’s (M.Sc 2-year) Program was also started. There are three faculty members working in the department.
The department is in its initial period and besides developing in our students the understanding of psychology both practically and theoretically, we focus on the inculcation of moral grooming as well as integrity. Great weight is given to Valued Education Classes. In order to maintain standard results, this department tries its best. Well qualified and painstaking faculty has been provided. We are expecting from our students to have special concern for the environment and to
respect life in all its forms.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To provide excellent education.
  2.  To train and prepare graduate students, for careers in scientific psychology and scientifically based professional practice.
  3. To carry out these educational goals on the principles of scholarly excellence, interdisciplinary collaboration and wide ranging psychological services.
  4. To assist students in developing skills and knowledge necessary for success in endeavors after completion of the degree.
  5. To impart a high quality and versatile education in congenial learning environment, where students are motivated to acquire modern knowledge in the field of psychology and prove as effective practitioners and scholars in the future and hence to contribute to the development of the country by working on psychological and social problems.

Programs Offered:
Department of Psychological Studies offers BS Psychology (4-year) program. This four years
degree program comprises of 8 semesters with minimum of 132 semester credit hours (SCH).
It also offers M.Sc (2-year) Program.
Uptil now six (6) batches of M.Sc and Four (4) of BS successfully completed their degrees.

  • M.Sc in Psychology
  • BS in Psychology

Mr. Faheem Ud Din

Lecturer and In-Charge
P.hD Scholar, University of Peshawar

Ms. Roya Shahhiman Zada

M.Sc Psychology University of Peshawar (Gold medalist)


Ms.Palwasha Rahim

M.Sc University of Peshawar