Department of Islamic and Arabic Studies


Department of Islamic & Arabic Studies was launched in late 2017 with the purpose to enlighten the minds of graduates with the knowledge, skills and disposition of Quran and Sunnah. The department will provide a highly intellectual and aspirational environment to the scholar of the Islamic & Arabic studies to link and apply the knowledge of Quran and Sunnah in its true spirit for the revival of the Islamic knowledge and guidance of the society through educative intervention in the day-to-day routines of the academia and society. Keeping in view the global nature of the current world and the multidimensional challenges of the time, the need and importance of Islamic knowledge is paramount.Currently the department has started Master (Islamic Studies) degree program and in near future will initiate BS, MPhil and PhD programs. These programs will provide opportunities to the people of the area to conduct scholarly work in the field of Islamic & Arabic Studies.    


Department of Islamic & Arabic Studies aspires to inculcate the knowledge of Islam with relevance to the contemporary world particularly from the relevance of quality and religious harmony.


Department of Islamic & Arabic Studies has strengthened and channelized its resources to inculcate Islamic values and religious harmony among its graduates through intellectual interactions, research, dialogues and intra-faith modernity in relevance to the demands of the modern world.

Aims and objectives 

  1. To enable the students to understand the real message of Islam.
  2. To help them develop their thinking and creative abilities in the field of Arabic which is language of Quran and Sunnah.
  3. To prepare groups of students, who are not only the custodians of religious traditions, but also able to cope with the challenges of modern World problems.
  4. To establish a cadre of specialists and professionals in different fields of Islamic Studies who can provide effective leadership and conduct quality research in various areas of Islamic and Arabic Studies.
  5. To prepare students to interpret the Holy Quran and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
  6. To develop the analytical abilities of the graduates for the study of modern social sciences in the light of Islamic Teachings.
  • BS in Islamic And Arabic


Assistant Professor
PhD in (Islamic Studies) from the University of Peshawar Pakistan


PhD in (Islamic Studies) from Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan


Assistant Professor
PhD in Arabic Literature

Dr. Yahya khan

PhD (Arabic literature) Islamia college University, Peshawar, KPK

Mr. Zia ud Din


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