Department of English and Foreign Languages

Brief Introduction

In today’s globalized world, English has assumed increasing significance as it is the main and granted medium of international communication. The program we offer in the department, aims at producing graduates who will have strong written, oral and analytical skills in the English language which will help them fulfill their economic and socio-cultural needs. Moreover, the syllabus is sophisticatedly designed to inculcate a creative, analytical and reflective mindset/ faculty in our students. Their critical ability and independent thinking will not only help them groom into more conscientious individuals, but they will also be able to respond in a more meaningful way to the opportunities and challenges in their societies.

Vision of the Department

To be a premier institute widely recognized as a model of academic excellence in the fields of occidental as well as oriental languages and literatures, linguistics and related studies.

Mission of the Department

The Department of English and Foreign Languages (DEFL) strives to establish, sustain and enhance itself as a quality-centric higher educational institute that provides excellent academic environment and effective learning opportunities for creating educated, creative, independent learners and responsible citizens of Pakistan, and the global citizenry through intellectual potential, personal growth and professional development.

We are committed to excellence in teaching, research, scholarship and service. We seek to kindle and sustain a lifelong passion for literature and language in our students. The broad but coherent curricular framework and well-structured course-work provide an environment to groom students in literary, linguistic, analytical, theoretical and pedagogical skills related to English literature and language studies. We promote academic excellence; by teaching students ways of engaging, inquiring, and learning through intensive study of language; and by involving them in creating, comprehending, evaluating and interpreting literature and literary texts. In addition, the department also provides its faculty and students opportunities to engage in research and career development.

Our Core Values

Excellence: Students and faculty members are dedicated to great learning; learning that is consistently high quality, relevant and focused on outcomes. Everything we do is designed to deliver what both students and employees need.

Ambition: Ambition is the middle name of DEFL: we are always looking for ways to grow and develop what we do for the benefit of our students. All our students are supported to develop and achieve their ambitions. Our faculty have high aspirations for every student and for themselves. They are encouraged to be confident and creative in their work.

Collaboration: Students and faculty work together to help every student achieve success. We work closely with the administration and other departments; drawing in outside expertise and support to help us secure better outcomes for our students.

Opportunity: DEFL gives every student and faculty member the best possible opportunities to learn and be successful. Each student and every member of staff is treated as an individual with dignity and respect.

Inquisitiveness: We value and foster inquisitive minds.


  • To train students to be proficient users of English who can articulate their ideas profoundly and effectively
  • To teach them comprehend, appreciate and evaluate literature in general and literary texts in particular
  • To produce graduates with a sound understanding of texts from a wide array of genres for personal intellectual growth and professional development.
  • To produce graduates as critical thinkers on social, cultural, political, and educational issues surrounding language study
  • To demonstrate the ability to engage in comparative analysis of texts.
  • To provide and upgrade the facilities and supporting materials available to English students
  • To increase interaction with other departments/ programs, inside and outside the university, in order to establish a culture of multidisciplinary approach in the department
  • To nurture students with the awareness and strategies needed to be lifelong learners
  • To promote research culture by engaging students and faculty in research studies to contribute to the academic, professional and civic discourse
  • To enhance and encourage continual professional development of the faculty through engaging them in relevant forums of professional learning and exposure such as conferences, seminars and workshops relevant to their field of study

BS English


Dr. Abdul Hamid

Head of Department
Ph. D (University of AJK, Muzafarabad)

Dr. Imdadullah

Assistant Professor

Mr. Zakirullah

M.Phil. English Literature, Quartaba University of Science and Information Technology, Peshawar

Mr. Sadiq Hussain

MA English, NUML Peshawar