Department of Applied Physical and Material Sciences


The Department of Applied Physical and Material Science provides the best possible education in the subject so that the students will utilize the knowledge of Physics in practical life which will be beneficial for the society. The primary aim of the programme is to produce broad-based graduates, able to face the challenges of the modern world. This programme will equip the students with firm foundation in principles of Physics and their applications. The graduates will be able to apply their knowledge of Physics for their professional growth and for obtaining further Higher Education in specialized fields of Physics.

Vision and Mission:

The main objective of starting Physics programme is to impart students with a conceptual understanding of the fundamental principles of physics, natural laws and their interpretation, as well as mathematical formulation of the physical phenomena in nature. It is aimed to develop the critical skills of the students necessary for solving problems from their physical surroundings, also to develop the capability of analyzing, addressing and posing solutions to problems of natural importance and to instill a deep appreciation of the need for optimum utilization of natural resources and environment. To produce well trained graduates and researchers capable enough to address the future challenges both at regional and international levels. Apart from teaching, our mission is to cultivate an enthusiastic research culture by establishing laboratories equipped with sophisticated research facilities and establishing strong collaborations with other national and international institutions. We envision our Institute to play a leading role in teaching and research and expect our graduates will serve the nation and humanity.

Programs Offered/Intended:

1) BS in Physics /Offered
2) MS/M-Phil in Physics /Intended

Eligibility for BS in Physics /Offered:

F.Sc. or equivalent with at least 45 % in the subject of Physics

Eligibility for MS/M-Phil in Physics /Intended:

i. M.Sc or BS-Physics with minimum 45 % marks and 2.5 CGPA out of 4.0 will be compulsory for admission in MS/M-Phil Program.
ii. NTS or departmental subject test as per university rules.

Dr. Kefayat Ullah

Assistant Professor
Incharge, Applied Physical and Material Sciences
Ph.D; Graphene Based Nanomaterials. Department of Advanced Materials Science & Engineering

Dr. Amin Ur Rashid

Assistant Professor
PhD in Physics; COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT), Islamabad Pakistan

Dr. Fazli Hadi

Assistant Professor
PhD in Physics; University of Peshawar