Centre for Plant Science and Biodiversity


Botany is the scientific study of plants, and the famous saying that “All Flesh is Grass” reflects its significance in the biosphere. It began with tribal lore, used to identify edible, medicinal and poisonous plants, thus making botany one of the oldest sciences. The study of plants is important for a number of reasons and plants always remained a fundamental part of life on earth. They generate oxygen and provide shelter, food, fibers, fuel and medicine. However, a rise in human population coupled with the demand for economic growth and diverse biotic interference have threatened plants diversity. Natural resource conservation and development is extremely demanding need and have drawn both national and international attention. The department of Botany at University of Swat was, therefore, established with the aim to provide interdisciplinary teaching and research opportunities in plant sciences and to apply the acquired acknowledge for sustainable economic growth of the society living in the naturally richest biodiversity zone of the country. The teaching programs are geared to focus on uniformity of principles in both macro and micro mechanisms in species of diverse living systems, thus providing ample opportunities for imparting and advancing knowledge and also establishing linkages and carrying out joint ventures with institutions in and abroad.

The Department of Botany offers a wide range of courses and quality training, and as such, our graduates shall be highly competitive in the job market.


“To establish internationally acclaimed department of Botany contributing for the advancement of teaching, research and development of manpower, and ensuring to offer quality education and human resources in order to meet the coming national and global challenges, and also working for restoration of natural resources of the country in general and of the region in particular”.


Following is the specific objectives of the department of Botany.

  • Preparation of an out-standing faculty of scientific researchers well qualified and having great experiences and contribution in the field of Botany and biodiversity, opening ways to conserve national natural resources and bio-civilized heritage.
  • Contribution in implementing studies and researches pertaining to indentify natural resources, wildlife, and making constructive programs to accomplish better utilization of indigenous plant resources.
  • To make sure, the parallelism to current events and scientific interests in biotic components of environmental issues, facing their problems, and inspiring hope for insuring better life.
  • Contribution in accomplishment of national policies aiming at protecting live organisms, performing studies and taking care of environmental issues in the purpose of finding appropriate solutions at local and international levels.

The Department is emphasizing research in following areas: ecological analysis of forest ecosystems of northern Parts of Pakistan including plant biodiversity inventory and conservation; ecology of agro-forestry ecosystem; microbial diversity and its conservation; survey of plant genetic resources of the region, their taxonomic characterization and establishment of physical and electronic herbaria; establishment of gene bank, cryo-preservation of genetic resources, molecular characterization of rare, endangered and endemic plants, documentation of plant genetic resources. Identification and isolation of genes coding desirable traits and their use in plant improvement programmes, molecular phylogeny and ecology. These studies may help generate economic value in terms of extractable plant products, compounds, genes and species, for conservation of ecosystems and plant genetic resources for utilization and economic well-being of the people.
The department is planning to establish “Alpine Botanical Garden, Mountain Herbarium and Biodiversity Conservation Society (BCS)” which will provide a variety of services to the people of the area and will link our department to the national and international research organizations and Universities for the exchange of students and faculty members.

  • BS in Botany 
  • MPhil in Botany
  • PhD in Botany

Dr. Hassan Sher

(SAARC Gold Medalist)
Dean of Life Sciences/Director
Email : hassansher@uswat.edu.pk


Dr. Haidar Ali

Assistant Professor
Ph.D (University of Karachi, Pakistan) Phone: 0946-770948 (Ext: 127)
Email: alibotanist@yahoo.com

Dr. Ahmad Ali

Assistant Professor
Ph.D in Botany (Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi)

Dr. Zahid Ullah

Assistant Professor
 Ph.D Plant Systematics and Biodiversity (Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan)
E-mail: zahidtaxon@uswat.edu.pk

Dr. Shah Hussain

Assistant Professor
E-mail: shahpk85@gmail.com

Miss Shazia

E-mail: shazi_genetics@yahoo.com

Dr. Shazia Sakhi

Assistant Professor
E-mail: shaziasakhi@uswat.edu.pk

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