Centre for Education and Staff Training


School of Education and Staff Training University of Swat is currently offering 4 year BS Education program to the students aspiring to attain excellence in education. Beside the department is also striving to offer in- service training to the teachers through its link program with Higher Education Commission. Moreover, research links with the foreign universities are in pipeline. These links, once successful will offer excellent opportunities to the teachers as well as to the students for exploiting their research potentials.

Aims and Objectives:

School of Education and Staff Training is also striving to produce quality teachers and educators so that meaningful contribution to the much neglected sector of education, in true sense can be made. This change will be furthermore, transmitted to the society through teachers who will look upon themselves as agents of positive change. Moreover, the department of education aims to contribute to the efforts of improving quality of education by providing quality and trained human resource that would have deeper understanding of the issues of education not only in local context but also in international context.

Degree programs offered:

School of Education and Staff Training University of Swat is currently offering 4 year BS Education program consisting of 42 different subjects and projects, in education to the students who are aiming to become future, education managers, teachers, education researchers, and teacher trainers.

Future programs:

The School of Education and Staff Training is aiming to start M.Ed in near future so as to cater to the needs of the educationists and those willing to enhance their competency in the field of Education.

Scope and objectives:

The aims of the BS education 4 year program are to produce Educational Manager, teacher educators and education researchers. The aims to inculcate such qualities in students so that they are able to influence through their insight in education, educational policies and practices not only in Pakistan but also internationally.

  • Bachelor of Education (Hons)
  • MPhil in Education
  • Bachelor of Education (Hons)
  • MPhil in Education

Dr. Farooq Nawaz

Assistant Professor
PhD IER, University of Peshawar M.A English (University of Peshawar)
M.A International Education and Development (University of Sussex UK)
Email: farooq@uswat.edu.pk 


Dr. Nasir Ahmad

Assistant Professor
Ph.D (Education) Foundation University Islamabad
Email: nasir_cupid@uswat.edu.pk

Dr. Sajjad Hussain

Master in Political Science from University of Peshawar in 2008
E-mail: sajjadhussain@uswat.edu.pk

Ms. Maryam

Master in Science (Environmental Science) in 2008 from the University of Peshawar.
E-mail: maryam@uswat.edu.pk

Email: farooq@uswat.edu.pk

Phone: 0946-724153