Centre for Animal Sciences and Fisheries


The Centre for Animal Sciences & Fisheries is one of the most prominent centres in the University of Swat, established in 2011. The aim of the Centre is to give opportunities to the students to get quality education and pursue research at their door steps. The Centre offers BS-Zoology (4year), BS-Fisheries (4year) and MSc-Zoology (2year) programs. Due to the hardworking faculty, we are one of the reputed Centre’s at University and thus we receive the highest number of applications every year for offered programs.

The offered courses will educate the students in the field of Zoology and the graduates would be able to serve in prestigious institutions at national and international level. The technical skills embodied in the graduates will enable them to cater the needs of the market demand vis-a-vis enter in to professional jobs in the future.


To achieve excellence in the field of animal sciences through high quality education and research linked to national and international need.


The Centre for Animal Sciences and Fisheries is committed to the production of well-rounded international standard academicians in the field of animal sciences. The Centre aims to give coverage of modern sciences, followed by the opportunity to specialize in one or more areas reflecting the students interest. The Program, besides providing a broad educational background to its students with a foundation in the basic principles will inculcate high level of integrity, responsibility at individual and departmental level and quality research skills to enable the graduates to participate in community development projects. The mission of the Centre is to grow into an outstanding world class organization in all areas of its operation.


The main goals and objectives of the Centre are to:

  • train students in a wide range of science-based skills that provide the learning base for future leadership and teaching careers in national and international organizations such as universities, colleges, schools, wildlife and fisheries departments, health sectors, agriculture, environmental management, publishing, research and management.
  • to offer a modular course of lectures and associated seminars, research projects and practical classes, supported by supervision and mentorship where appropriate.
  • to promote training in practical and conceptual skills in sub-discipline such as developmental biology, animal behavior, parasitology, entomology and fisheries among others.
  • to provide professional training in effective verbal and written communication skills.

Dr. Akhtar Rasool

Ph.D Insect Molecular Biology (PIEAS, Islamabad)

Dr. Muzafar Shah

Assistant Professor
E-mail: muzafar@uswat.edu.pk/muzafarshah39@gmail.com

Mr. Naseer Ullah

E-mail: naseer@uswat.edu.pk

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