Center for Caucasian, Central Asian, Chinese and Pakistan Studies

Centre for Caucasian, Central Asian, Chinese andPakistan Studies is a newly established multi-disciplinary department at the University of Swat. The Centre aims to provide excellence in the Area Studies,especially Caucasia, Central Asia and China. All these countries bear great historical, cultural and economic importance, especially with regard to India and Pakistan. The Centre in the near future intends to commence degree programs regarding Caucasia, Central Asia and China. At present the Centre has started Master and BS Degree programs in the discipline of Pakistan Studies. Pakistan Studies deals with the courses from other social sciences including but not limited to Political Science, International Relations, Geography, History, Law, Arts and Languages, Economics, Sociology & Socio-cultural Anthropology, Philosophy and Comparative Religions. In addition to the Majors and specialization subjects, students, shall conduct their Research work on important social, cultural, political and economic issues related and interlink with the above mentioned interdisciplinary disciplines.

Centre for Caucasian, Central Asian, Chinese and Pakistan Studies, University of Swat offers quality education about Land and People of Pakistan to its students. Using state of the art academic skills, robust and rigorous research practices, it offers a multidisciplinary program in Pakistan Studies.

Centre for Caucasian, Central Asian, Chinese and Pakistan Studies, University of Swat aspires to educate, train and produce highly skilled and excellently endowed scholars in the field of Pakistan Studies and related areas. It aspires to promote a culture of excellent research and quality education.

Objectives and Outcomes of Pakistan Studies:

  1. To build a state of the art education and research institution for producing quality knowledge in the field of Pakistan Studies. To connect with fellow scholars in the field of Area Studies in the country, region and global levels.
  2. In order to create awareness among the students about the “Vision of Pakistan”, as given by our leaders during the freedom movement and after the emergence of Pakistan. This approach will, hopefully, bring an element of objectivity in explaining the creation of Pakistan. It will also educate the students about the nature of the state of Pakistan as envisioned by its Founding Fathers.
  3. In view of aforementioned objectives, the course framework is sought to be issue-oriented. It seeks to cover Pakistan’s image and its evolution from ancient times till date in the backdrop of political, historical, cultural, social and economic fields.
  4. The issues of human rights have been given equal weightage in the Centre, so as to provide guidelines for reshaping Pakistani society on constructive lines, and ridding it of all sorts of evils, impediments, exploitation and oppression, as envisioned by Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
  5. Since a state cannot survive without a body of citizens integrated and united as a coherent nation, the issues concerning Pakistan’s march towards actualizing its vision of a modern-liberal Islamic republic have been dealt with in some detail.
  • BS in Pakistan Studies
  • M.Sc in Pakistan Studies

Eligibility Criteria

BS in Pakistan Studies

F.A/ F.Sc or equivalent with at least 45% marks

M.Sc in Pakistan Studies 

B.A/ B.Sc with at least 45% marks

Dr. Nasir Ahmad

Assistant Professor (Centre for Education and Staff Training)
Ph.D (Education) Foundation University Islamabad