NOC issued by HEC to University of Swat for launching M.Phil in English

NOC issued by HEC to the Department of English, University of Swat for launching M.Phil in English
Prof. Dr. Hassan Sher, Vice Chancellor, University of Swat, congratulated the faculty of the Department of English on this notable occasion. He emphasized the significance of the University of Swat as a divine blessing for the students within the region, particularly in the pursuit of advanced degrees such as M.Phil and Ph.D. The establishment of this institution has brought higher education within easy reach for the students of Swat and its surrounding areas, marking a significant milestone in the academic landscape of the region.
The Vice Chancellor underscored the pivotal role of the university in fostering a robust research culture through its offerings of advanced degrees. He articulated a vision where scholars from the University of Swat would soon emerge as contributors of high-quality research and academic excellence. This commitment to nurturing research talent not only benefits the immediate academic community but also holds promise for broader societal and intellectual advancement.
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