Seminar on titled of “Formal Techniques in Civil Cases” by Department of Law and Sharia’h

University of Swat Media Cell
Mingora (Press Release)

University of Swat’s Law and Sharia Department successfully hosted a seminar titled “Formal Techniques in Civil Cases.” The esteemed speaker for the event was Farid Ullah, Advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
Under the guidance and support of the Vice Chancellor, Professor Dr. Hassan Sher, the seminar aimed to delve into the intricacies of formal techniques applicable to civil cases. This seminar was organized by the Department’s Chairman, Dr. Lutf Ullah and his team.
The seminar provided a platform for students of ninth semester to enhance their understanding of formal techniques employed in civil litigation. Farid Ullah Advocate, with his wealth of experience, shared valuable insights and knowledge during the event.
The University of Swat continues to foster academic excellence and provide a space for legal discourse, contributing to the development of legal professionals and the legal community at large.

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