Yome Istehsal Kashmir

Upon the directives of Prof. Dr. Hassan Sher (Vice Chancellor, University of Swat), the Society for the Promotion of Social Sciences, Social Welfare and Awareness (SPSSSW&A), UoS organized a one day Seminar and Awareness Walk on the eve of Yome Istehsal Kashmir / Kashmir Siege Day (August 5) here at Main Campus, University of Swat.
Dr. Sarfaraz Khan (Assistant Professor), In-Charge, Centre for Caucasian, Central Asian, Chinese and Pakistan Studies, UoS was the Resource Person of the seminar. Moreover, Mr. Fida Hussain (Provost), Mr. Sagheer Ahmad (Deputy Provost), faculty and students were in attendance. Dr. Sarfaraz shed light in the context of the revocation of Jammu and Kashmir’s special status by the Indian government in 2019. The day is used to highlight the human rights issues and the alleged atrocities faced by the people of the region after the abrogation of the Article 370, he added.
Chief Organizer of the event, Dr, Imran (Organizer of the Students Society, Assistant Professor of Sociology & In-Charge, Department of Social and Gender Studies) shared the Vice Chancellor’s message concerning the abrogation of Article 370 by the Indian government on August 5, 2019 resulted in increasing the intensity of violation of human rights by the Indian forces in the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir. He further added that due to Pakistan’s continuous peaceful and lawful struggle both at regional and global platforms, a day will come when the people of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir will get rid of occupation by the Indian government.