WISE Programme Sparks Transformation

On the special directives of the Honourable Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Sher (SAARC Gold Medalist) Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: WISE Programme Sparks Transformation at the Kamyab Jawan Markaz University of Swat. On 17th August 2023 — In collaboration, Mariyam Irfan MD School of Leadership Foundation, joined by Uzair Muhammad Khan, Manager Linkages & Partnerships, orchestrated a dynamic awareness session at the Kamyab Jawan Markaz University of Swat. The spotlight shone on the Women Initiatives in Social Entrepreneurship (WISE) Programme—a trailblazing initiative geared to amplify and uplift women, propelling them towards sustainable success in their business ventures.
The WISE Programme, a catalyst for female entrepreneurship, arms women with indispensable tools, skills, and wisdom to navigate the competitive business landscape adeptly. Anchoring this initiative is an immersive 4-day boot camp, a crucible where participants refine their ideas and supercharge their potential to seize larger market opportunities.
During their visit, Mariyam Irfan and Uzair Muhammad Khan engaged in a pivotal conversation with the Vice Chancellor, alongside key luminaries from the university. The discourse included Dr. Arshad Ali Khan, SOLF’s Focal Personat the University of Swat, as well as Mr. Asif Saud and Iftikhar Alam from the Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization (ORIC), and Dr. Imran, Coordinator Kamyab Jawan Markaz.
The meeting reverberated with deliberations on potential collaborative ventures, with a resolute focus on research and combatting climate change. The Vice Chancellor extended unwavering support, underscoring the vital import of the initiatives.
Anticipating another MoU on the horizon, the School of Leadership Foundation and the University of Swat stand poised to revitalise their partnership. This dynamic coalition, aligned with the United Nations’ portfolio for collaborative strides in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, holds the potential to effectuate profound regional transformation.
The School of Leadership Foundation leadership visit to the University showcases a paradigm-shifting stride in catalyzing entrepreneurship, fostering gender parity, and propelling sustainable development. An embodiment of shared vision, this partnership stands to ignite future leaders, engender affirmative change, and sculpt a brighter societal tapestry. A heartfelt acknowledgment was extended to the leadership of UoS by Mariyam Irfan (MD SoLF) for an exemplary partnership over the past three years.