Blood Donation Camp at University

December 14, 2022 Blood Donation Camp:
On the directives of Hon. Vice Chancellor, University of Swat and Shangla (Prof. Dr. Hassan Sher), a blood donation camp was organized by the Society for the Promotion of Social Sciences, Social Welfare and Awareness, University of Swat in Collaboration with the Al-Fajar Foundation held on December 14, 2022 at Main Campus, University of Swat.
The Hon. Vice Chancellor (Prof. Dr. Hassan Sher), Mr. Imtiaz Ali (Registrar, UoS), Dr. Imran (Organizer of the Society, & Assistant Professor of Sociology), Dr. Haji Khan (Chief Proctor), Dr. Shahid Ali, and other faculty and staff members visited the blood camp. The Hon. Vice Chancellor, UoS appreciated the efforts of Al-Fajar Foundation and pledged for the futuristic support from the University side. Mr. Muhammad Sahil from Al-Fajar Foundation paid thanks to the Prof. Dr. Hassan Sher and his team for support to the foundation.
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