Field Excursion by Centre for Earth and Space Sciences

Field Excursion is one of the essential pillar of Geology. It act as Whip-stone to sharp the memory and observation of students and Faculty as well. Luckily our beloved country is rich of having unique Geology with bookish example and is famous through out the world for Geology. Recently we have two day Field Excursion to mentioned study area. The core objective of these Field is to enhance understanding of students to identify different types of rocks. Which were studied in Attock-Nizampur Area to study the Paleozoic sequence of Peshawar Basin. Luckily this Age Rocks are only exposed in mentioned area. On way back to University the leading age Rocks of India Plate were studied and different features were observed.
Second day-field covered Buner area which is famous for having rift environment. Comprised of several strategic minerals were observed and differentiate on the base of field observation.The deep mantle rocks exposed at Earth-surface gives us enormous amount of information to unveil the secrets of nature which can be further utilised for the benefits of our beloved country.
All these goals were not possible without the cooperation of Honourable Vice Chancellor. His only focus is to facilitate the student upto his best to break the shackles of conventional learning and to achieve the milestone of activity based learning which will be fruitful for the betterment of student and this esteem organisation.