HEC Need Based Scholarships – 2019-20

It is for the information of all concerned that Higher Education Commission, Islamabad have approved (provisionally) the list of the students recommended by the Institutional Scholarship Award Committee, University of Swat for the award of HEC Need Based Scholarships.

All the recommended students are hereby directed to submit a deed of agreement along with the following supporting documents. Further, all students are advised to open their personal Bank Account and provide the details on the prescribed format available on the university website to the Financial Aid Office, Campus D, University of Swat, on or before September 30, 2021.

1.      Deed of Agreement (https://uswat.edu.pk/downloads/)
2.      Student CNIC Copy
3.      Father/Guardian CNIC copy
4.      Witness 1 CNIC Copy
5.      Witness 2 CNIC Copy
6.      Fee Slip Copy Semester Fall 2020
7.      Fee Slip Copy Semester Spring 2021
8.      Department Transcript Semester Fall 2020 & Spring 2021.
9.      Student Details (https://uswat.edu.pk/downloads/)

HEC Need Based Scholarships – University of Swat 2019-20
S.No Name Father Name Discipline Remarks
1 Sajid Ali Bakht Zaman Khan BS Environmental Science Recommended
2 Kainat Alam Qibla Alam BS English Recommended
3 Mahrukh Saif Saif Ullah BS English Recommended
4 Siraj ul Haq Shams ul Haq BS English (SC) Recommended
5 Muhammad Riaz Habibullah BS Economics Recommended
6 Sana Ullah Haroon ur Rashid BS Computer Science (SC) Recommended
7 Wasim Khan Kori Khan BBA Recommended
8 Abdullah Habib Gul BS IT Recommended
9 Muhammad Ilyas Raza Khan BS IT Recommended
10 Asif Ali Sardar Ali BS IT Recommended
11 Shafiullah Latifur Rahman BS Physics Recommended
12 Tanveer Ahmad Fazal Karim BS Biotechnology Recommended
13 Muhammad Ishaq Abdus Sattar BS Microbiology Recommended
14 Izhar Ahmad Sardar Ahmad BS Journalism Recommended
15 Nayab Khan Muhammad Yousaf BS Psychology Recommended
16 Sana Fazal Fazal Maula BS Zoology Recommended
17 Shafiullah Ayub Khan BS Zoology Recommended
18 Asma Ali Bakht Ali Khan BS Islamic Studies Recommended
19 Shamsul Haq Imdad Ullah BS Islamic Studies Recommended
20 Naveed Khan Munawar Khan BS Mathematics Recommended
21 Zakir Khan Niaz Muhammad Khan BS Botany Recommended
22 Sajjad Ali Shah Kamin Khan BS Botany Recommended
23 Hazrat Bilal Duraj Khan BBA SC Recommended
24 Robina Nawab Nawab Ali Zoology (WC) Recommended
25 Kausar Ali Shah Psychology (WC) Recommended
26 Fazal Adnan Fazal Ghufran BS IT Recommended
27 Habibullah Khan Muhammad Nabi BS SE Recommended
28 Aziz ur Rahman Wazir Muhammad BS Microbiology Recommended
29 Nayab Muhammad Usman Psychology (WC) Recommended
30 Muqadas Ali Gohar Ali Psychology (WC) Recommended
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