Two days Mental Health Awareness Program was organized by Department of Psychological Studies, Main Campus and Women Campus, University of Swat.

·            A series of seminars was arranged with the theme: “Suicidal Tendencies among Youth: Signs, Causes & Prevention”. Dr. Qaisar Ali, Dr. Mian Nizam Ali and Dr. Javid Iqbal were the guest speakers on this occasion. In the welcome speech by the Head of Department, Mr. Faheem Uddin, the reasons for suicide and preventive measures were highlighted. He explained that “Suicide Prevention” is the theme of World Mental Health Day 2019.  Depression will be the second major cause of death and disability by 2020 as reported by WHO. Severe depression and drug abuse may lead a person to suicide.  


  • Dr. Nizam Ali (Head of Psychiatry Ward, Saidu Central Hospital) talked about the physiological and biological causes of depression and suicide. Suicide rate is higher in Malakand division. He emphasized that sedentary lifestyle is very harmful for psychological health. 
  • Motivational Speaker, Islamic Scholar & Spiritual Mentor, Prof. Dr. Qaiser Ali, Chairman, Department of Civil Engineering, UET, Peshawar, delivered a thought provoking lecture by explaining the spiritual dimension of depression, suicide and other psychological issues. He informed the audience that unfavorable conditions like failures, unemployment, poverty etc are the causes of depression which may further lead to suicidal thoughts. However, only unfavorable conditions are not responsible for suicide. There are other important factors as well. Suicide rate is higher in countries like Sweden and Japan which are financially stable countries and welfare states but majority people end up their lives; because they lack the real happiness. Those people do not face such problems which people in Muslim countries are faced with; still they are not satisfied with their lives. Islam is a source of real happiness, which gives peace of mind to its followers. The main component in religion is belief in God and life in the hereafter, which prevent a person from depression, mental illness and other psychological problems. The youth must focus on improving mental capacity, because we can fight hardships by improving our mental capacity.
  • Prof. Dr. Javed Iqbal (Riphah University) talked about the physical health, mental health, emotional health and spiritual health. He said that positive thinking, taking good nutrition, regular exercise, and balance diet, are also integral components required for mental health. The main reason of stress and depression is faulty and negative thinking. Faith and belief system can act as a buffer against depression and other psychological issues.  
  • The students listened attentively and participated actively in the questions-answers sessions. Various skits, drawings and charts were presented by the students of Women Campus expressing the theme. 
  • The Honorable Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Jamal Khan graced the occasion as a Chief Guest and concluded the ceremony with his final remarks. He said that we need to make collective efforts for helping the people suffering from severe psychological problems. He thanked all the guest speakers and congratulated the organizing team. 
  • Shields and certificates were awarded to the resource persons, organizers and participants. 
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