Vice Chancellor’s Message​

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Jamal Khan

Around the world universities are considered as a catalyst for change. These are centers of promoting creative ideas, rational and critical thinking, policy formulation and value orientation. University of Swat is looking forward to achieve excellence in imparting quality teaching and skills, promoting research culture, and develop an ideal industry-academia linkage programme. We are looking forward to the desired change, change that we need to prosper as a nation, but one individual cannot bring a change. An individual can only provide quality leadership, which is needed to take people along for achieving desired goals. I request my students, faculty, and staff to help me in bringing change in the life of our nation through achieving academic excellence and adhering to our values, customs, and traditions. We expect every individual to respect and help others in matters that do not discriminate against others. Students and faculty form the backbone of our university and they have a duty to perform. We shall work with dedication, devotion, and commitment, in a congenial atmosphere of mutual trust, unity, discipline and love free from all kinds of prejudices. May Allah shower his blessings upon all of us and help us develop a greater seat of learning in the valley of Swat. This website reflects our humble efforts towards the development of a world class institution in the region, something that our generations will be proud of. We are a team of motivated academics, aiming at working selflessly to make the dream of a high ranking university in Swat come true. Together we can and together we will, Insha’Allah.

About University

University of Swat was established for providing higher education to the people of Swat Valley specifically and the whole of the country generally. It was established in the year 2010 with the aim to impart quality and relevant education. This mission was launched with enthusiasm and patience with very meager resources in-hand. The university started with 07 disciplines and 272 students in the beginning which has been extended to 22 teaching departments with 49 academic programs including 02 sub-campuses where more than 3000 students were enrolled in 2017. Academic and administrative staff is striving hard in order to provide quality education to the students and to uplift the university to an exemplary stage.

Shah Farman
University of Swat
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Prof. Dr. Muhammad Jamal Khan
Vice Chancellor
University of Swat

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