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Proctorial Board

Dr. Amir Khan

Chief Proctor

Assistant Professor in Maths
Chief Proctor( University of Swat )


  • Dr. Yahya Khan (Lecturer in Islamic studies) Sector-C Campus-1
  • Mr. Murad Ali (Lecturer in Biotechnology) Sector-C Campus-2
  • Ms. Lala Rukh ( Lecturer in Management Sciences ) Sector-D Campus
  • Ms. Shazia ( Lecturer in Botany ) Sector-D Campus
  • Dr. Abdul Hameed , (Lecturer in English) sangota campus
  • Ms. Rabia Siraj, (Lecturer in Home Economics) Women Campus
  • Dr. Kefayat Ullah ( AP in Physics ) PTCL Campus
  • Dr. Umar Hayat ( AP in Economics ) Sector-D Campus
  • Ms. Lala Rukh ( Lecturer in Management Sciences) Sector-D Campus
  • Mr. Naseer Ullah (Lecturer in Zoology) Sector-D Campus
  • Dr. Mian Gul Sayed (AP in Chemistry) Sector-C (Campus-1)
  • Dr. Muzamil Khan (AP in Comp. Sc) PTCL Campus
  • Mr. Sultan Muhammad (Lecturer in Forestry) Sangota Campus
  • Ms. Palwasha Rahim (Lecturer in Psychology) Sector-D Campus
  • Dr. Muhammad Waqas (AP in Environmental Science) Sector-F Campus
  • Dr. Zarawar Khan (AP in ICHTHM) Sangota Campus