Students Participation in the Monuments Ground Breaking Ceremony held at Mingora

In continuation to the one day Students Orientation Session under the Beautification Project of the Divisional Head Quarters organized by the District Administration Swat in collaboration with University of Swat held on Monday, September 18, 2017 at PTCL Campus, University of Swat and subsequent exhibition held on November 30, 2017 therein students achieved cash prizes of Rs. 25,000/- (1st BBA 3rd semester, UoS), Rs. 15, 000/- (2nd College of Home Sciences, UoS) and Rs. 10,000/- (3rd College of Home Sciences, UoS).

With respect to the above, the students who got positions along with the Focal Person of the Monument Competition (Mr. Imran, Lecturer in Sociology and In-charge, Department of Social and Gender Studies, UoS) participated in the ground breaking ceremony held on March 07, 2018 at Mingora city. The students and the Focal Person along with Mr. Shahab Khan, Assistant Commissioner, Tehsil Babozai, Swat and Mr. Murad (Artisit) visited different monuments at Mingora City.

On this occasion, talking to the media persons, Mr. Imran highlighted and appreciated the efforts made by the students. Through their monuments design they portrayed the local traditions and culture of the area which would be beneficial in promoting tourism and preserving one own cultural artifacts, he added. Mr. Imran also thanked Dr. Muhammad Jamal Khattak, Vice Chancellor, University of Swatfor heightening students co-curricular activities. He also applauded the DistrictAdministration Swat especially Mr. Shahab Khan for making efforts in ensuring students participation as community stakeholders in preparing the monument designs.

The students while expressing their views to the mediaadded that this is one of the happiest days for them as they are witnessing their innovative ideas in practical shape in Mingora city. They asserted that they will keep continue their struggle for more innovative ideas regarding the uplift of the society. They also thanked the University Administration and their teachers especially Mr. Imran, Dr. Hazrat Bilal (Provost), Mr. Abdul Mateen (In-charge, Centre for Management and Commerce, UoS), Dr. Zakia Ahmad (Principal, College of Home Sciences, UoS) and Ms. Rehmania (Lecturer, College of Home Sciences, UoS) for their support and encouragement.