Students Orientation Session on Beautification of Roads and Chowks at Mingora City, Swat

A one day Students Orientation Session was organized by the District Administration in collaboration with University of Swat. The event was held at 10:00 AM on Monday, September 18, 2017 at PTCL Campus, University of Swat.

The main theme of the orientation session was to conceive innovative ideas of student’s for beautification of road and chowks of Mingora City, Tehsil Babozai, Swat.

Mr. Amir Javed, SDO, C&W (Highways), Swat went through a detailed multimedia presentation wherein different aspects of beautification projects were discussed.


Further, Mr. Shahab Khan, Assistant Commissioner, Tehsil Babozai, Swat shed light on the guidelines and procedure of posters / paintings competition amongst students in the category of “Monuments” at three different chowks of Mingora city i.e. Nishat chowk, Peoples Chowk and Qamber Bypass, Mingora. The designs of the monuments shall not exceed 7 feet diameter

Furthermore, Mr. Muhammad Tahir, Additional Deputy Commissioner, Swat added shed light on the vision of the district administration in connection to the beautification project.

Chief Guest of the event, Dr. Hassan Sher, Registrar / Care Taker, University of Swat during his closing remarks pointed out the socio-cultural, economic and biological aspects of Swat. He appreciated the district administration for their collaboration with University of Swat as it was first of its kind. The students of the University are very talented and the University graduates are serving in number of organizations effectively.

The Chief Guest appreciated the efforts made by event organizers i.e. Mr. Imran, Lecturer in Sociology and In-charge, Social Work Program, UoS and Mr. Abdul Mateen, Lecturer & In-charge, Centre for Management and Commerce, UoS.