One Day Seminar on the Concept of Human Rights and Islam organized by Department of Social and Gender Studies

In connection to the International Human Rights Day (December 10), aOne Day Seminar on Human Rights and Islam was organized by Department of Social and Gender Studies, University of Swat. The seminar was held on December 11, 2017 at Main Hall, PTCL Campus, Kanju Township, University of Swat.

Mr. Imran, Lecturer in Sociology and Organizer of the Seminar welcomed participants of the seminar. He added that in the current semester (Fall 2017), he is teaching the subject “Sociology of Human Rights” to the students of BS Sociology, 3rd semester, Department of Social and Gender Studies, UoS, and this was the reason that today this seminar has been arranged.

Mr. NasirShaheen (Assistant Professor, CM&C), Director, Quality Enhancement Cell, UoS briefed the participants about the event.

Mr. QaziUbaidullah, Faculty Member, Department of Law and Sharia, UoS was the resource person of the seminar. Mr. Ubaidullah highlighted the core teachings of Islam with special focus on human rights. “Islam is the religion of peace and ensured the human rights. Islam is the only path of understanding and safeguarding the rights of human beings”, he pointed out.

Dr. Jafar Khan, Director, Directorate of Outreach, Research, Innovation and Commercialization (DORIC), UoS was the Chief Guest of the occasion. He stressed on the importance of human rights and also elaborated the contemporary state of human rights violation across the globe. He also emphasized that it is need of the hour to incorporate the indigenous cultural values while celebrating such days.

Dr. Jafar Khan, Mr. NasirShaheen and Mr. QaziUbaidullah congratulated Mr. Imran and his team for organizing a successful seminar and urged that such kind of activities needs to be continued for the growth and uplift of the students.

At the end, the Chief Guest presented a souvenir to Mr. QaziUbaidullah. Mr. NasirShaheen presented a souvenir to the Chief Guest.