Meeting regarding Social Work Week (Spring 2018), University of Swat

Meeting of the In-Charge, Social Work Program, UoS with Social Work Coordinators regarding Social Work Week (Spring 2018)

A meeting was held with Social Work Coordinators of different Departments/Institutes/Centers of the University on April 24, 2018 at Committee Room, Administration Block, Sector-F, Kanju Township, and University of Swat. The meeting was convened by Mr. Imran (Lecturer in Sociology & In-Charge, Department of Social and Gender Studies), In-Charge, Social Work Program, University of Swat (UoS).

The main agenda of the meeting was to finalize the strategies for the upcoming Social Work Week at University of Swat w.e.f May 07, 2018 to May 13, 2018. Meeting was started from recitation of the Holy Quran by Mr. Zia Uddin (Lecturer, Department of Law and Sharia, UoS) followed by a brief given by Mr. Imran about the proposed activities of Social Work Week.

The meeting was attended by the Coordinators of Social Work Program i.e. Dr. Sajad Ali (Department of Media and Communication Studies), Mr. Umar Ali (Department of Computer and Software Technology) Dr. Amir Khan (Department of Mathematics and Statistics), Mr. Sultan Muhammad (Center for Agricultural Sciences and Fisheries), Dr. Muhammad Omer (Institute of Chemical Sciences), Mr. Murad Ali (Centre for Biotechnology and Microbiology), Dr. Waqas Ahmad (Department of Environmental and Conservation Sciences) and Mr. Zia Uddin (Department of Law and Sharia).

The agenda was discussed in detail and it was unanimously decided that in light of this meeting the recommendations will be sent to the Competent Authority of the University for final approval.