Field Activities with the Italian Archaeological Mission to Pakistan at Barikot (Ancient Bazira), Swat

Institute of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality Management (ICHTHM),University of Swat in collaboration with the Italian Archaeological Mission to Pakistan (IAM) has conducted archaeological field work at Ancient Bazira site (Barikot), Swat. During two weeks fieldwork the students of Archaeology were engaged in excavation, exploration and conservation activities under the supervision of Dr. Luca Maria Olivieri (Director, Italian Archaeological Mission to Pakistan) and Dr.Zarawar Khan (Assistant Professor, Archaeology, ICHTHM).The In-Charge of the institute Mr. AatifIqbal and faculty member Mr. FarhadNazir (Lecturer, Tourism and Hospitality) briefed the students about the importance and role of cultural heritage in the  promotion of tourism.



This is the second Field work campaign, whereas the first one was conducted in collaboration with Directorate of Archaeology and Museums(DOAM),Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. These practical activities enable the students of ICHTHM to learn the skills, techniques and expertise of archaeological excavation and initiate a sense of awareness and belongingness for the protection of rich cultural heritage of Swat Valley. The institute intends to engage the students in such practical activities in future in collaboration with different national and international organizations.