Culture Expo

The two-day culture expo concluded at University of Swat on Wednesday, by giving a message to the participants to promote local and national  culture.

The expo 2018 was organized by Miss Shazia  (lecturer at CPS&B), Lala Rukh ( Lecturer CMC) and Mr. Muhammad Asghar Khan (Lecturer SGS)  Organizers of Culture and Creative Art Society, University of Swat to strengthening association of youth with the local culture. More than 50 stalls were set up by students of different departments of the university to display local culture through photography, handicrafts and other traditional items of daily use. A display of cultural dress (by students of different departments) was also one of the heart catching item of the program.

Speaking on the occasion, Vice-chancellor Dr. Mohammad Jamal Khan said that co-curricular activities were must for grooming of students.

He said that the culture expo provided a platform to the students to showcase their talent in various creative models. The Vice chancellor also praised the efforts of the faculty members who organized the cultural Expo.

culture-expo2 culture-expo4

VC says more such events to be held in future

“Our students have a lot of talent,” he said. He added that proper platforms must be provided to youth so that they could utilize their talent for the development of the country.

The vice-chancellor said that University of Swat would organize such events in future to promote a learning environment among the students.


At the concluding ceremony, awards and certificates were distributed among the participants. The first prize was awarded to the students, who exhibited a traditional hujra at the expo. Apart from the participants shields were distributed to the organizing faculty comprising of Dr. Sajjad Hussain, Miss Roya Shahemanzada, Mr. Mohammad Sohail, Miss Palwasha ,Mr. Muhammad Asghar Khan and other faculty and admintrative staff members.

The organizers of the Expo said that culture is like the pages of a history book that should be read with interest. Nothing in life is eternal but culture is. Culture enables us to co- exist in a harmonious society. It gives the concept of Family and Nation. For the transference of culture sharing is must and the events like Cultural Expo provides a platform for sharing. Such show of culture enables the students and other members to respect the differences of one another. The Creative Art and Culture is looking forward to arrange more such events in the future. They also praised the society student organizers for their efforts, it was the student efforts who actively participated in a healthy and peaceful manner to unleash their potentials.