BA/B.Sc(I&II)/ B.Sc(Home Economics) Supplementary Examination 2015

    Examination                                                                                  FEE DETAILS
  Submission of forms with    Normal fee up to20-10-2015  Submission offorms with late fee up to29-10-2015 Submission of forms with double fee up to  10-11-2015  Submission of forms with triple fee up to  17-11-2015 
B.A Single Paper Exam Fee Rs.785  + (DMC +Postage)  Rs.545 = Rs.1330/- Rs.1430/- Rs.2115/- Rs.2900/-
B.A Two Papers Exam Fee Rs.1085 +(DMC + Postage) Rs.545= Rs. 1630/- Rs.1730/- Rs. 2715/- Rs. 3800/-
B.Sc Single Paper(version A, B or C, D) Exam Fee Rs.995+ (DMC +Postage) Rs.545 = Rs.1540/- Rs.1640/- Rs.2535/- Rs.3530/-
B.Sc Two Papers(version A, B or C, D) Exam Fee Rs.1985+ (DMC + Postage) Rs. 545 = Rs. 2530/- Rs.2630/- Rs.4515/- Rs.6500/-
B.A Part-II (Full Failed/ Improvement) Exam fee Rs.1995 +(DMC + Postage) Rs.545 = Rs.2540/- Rs. 2640/- Rs.4535/- Rs.6530/-
B.Sc Part-II (Full Failed/ Improvement) Exam fee Rs.3495 +(DMC + Postage) Rs.545 = Rs.4040/- Rs.4140/- Rs.7535/- Rs. 11030/-
Practical Fee Rs. 180/-  per each practical  
Expected date of commencement of examination Last week of December 2015The fee includes Examination fee, DMC, Examination admission Form, Postage expenses.