Message of the Director

In wake of the recent advancements on the emerging concept of knowledge economy being primordialfor the economic growth and evolution of scientific knowledge in the pursuit of human welfare, self-sustainability withreliance on indigenization of resource potential, the University of Swat has taken a lead to establish a full-fledgedplatform as directorate of outreach, research, innovation and commercialization to harness the global trends in order to develop the under privileged community of the area and the public at large generally in the region.The universities as centers of higher education have greater potential than any other sector of research and development to transform the traditional research output into innovation and skills development outcomes with vibrant creative ideas that could materialize on the value addition, quality enhancement and commercialization of research products.


The market and social impact of research endeavors is the hallmark character that will not only accelerate the interest of the scientists to compete for excellencebut will also in return attractthe funding agencies to spare more finances in support of a productive research. The industrialists as stakeholders along with the general public can confidently bridge the gap through an effective liaison for compatible needs of commercialization through joint ventures. The scientists of today therefore should not be in wanting for making patent yielding research projects, truly establishing on the soil that could be tangibly realized by the society.We will encourage and facilitate the researchers to come forward to participate and contribute with our all possible support as part of the core manifesto to mobilize and yield for fruit bearing market oriented research.


In the prevailing research scenario, it is also felt that our academic curricula needs to be re-assessed to meet contemporary challenges with focus on cutting edge technology. It is aimed that the academia be encouraged to overhaul the curricular parameters on well-defined technology and industrial driven indicators for the man power training, refinement of skills in the acquisition of knowledge.With the concerted efforts, coordination, facilitation of stakeholders the intellectual property rights in this regard will not only be protected but will also be provided a just and fertile ground to safeguard all its socio-economic benefits that it deserve on property rights standards.