Merit List of BS Development Studies Program on the basis of First Choice (Main Campus)

Merit List of BS DevStudies Program    2018-22 on the basis of First Choice
S.NO FormNo Name F_Name F.Sc Marks %age Domicile Sess. FSc Hifz Marks MI Deduction Session Deduction
1 2206012 Sana Ali Khan Hidayat Ali Khan 878/1100 79.8182 Swat 2018 0 0 0
2 2206001 Muhammad Hanif Khan Muhammad Afzal Khan 709/1100 62.6364 Swat 2016 0 0 20
3 2206006 Muhammad Idrees Aziz Ullah Khan 645/1100 58.6364 Swat 2018 0 0 0
4 2206010 Irfan Alam Khan Sher Alam Khan 645/1100 58.6364 Swat 2018 0 0 0
5 2206007 Muhammad Idrees Ihsan Ihsanullah Khan 616/1100 56 Swat 2018 0 0 0
6 2206011 Arshad Iqbal Muhammad Zamin 614/1100 55.8182 Swat 2018 0 0 0
7 2206003 Irshad Khan Saifoor 569/1100 51.7273 Swat 2018 0 0 0
8 2206002 Najbul Abideen Fazal Subhan 538/1100 48.9091 Swat 2018 0 0 0
9 2206009 Shah Faisal Umara Khan 533/1100 47.5455 Swat 2017 0 0 10


Note:   Please take care of the following points durring admission process:

1. If the age of the male applicant is more than 22 years, the confirmation of admission of such candidate is subject to age raleaxation approval from comptent authority.
2. The candidates must have to appear by themselves before the admission committee along with the original documents and incase of any deficiency in documents the committee will ensure that candidates have covered the deficiency before issuing  fee slip."
3. The confirmation of admission is subject to the submission of admission fee.
4.   The committee must ensure to return the admission forms of confirmed (signed by the members) and non-confirmed candidates on the last day of due date before 4:00 pm and collect the list and admission forms of candidates from the waiting list accordingly if any.
5.  The committee may display the office address/Room# at a visible location for candidates along with the program name and the list of the candidates to be interviewed. " 
6. In case of any issue/ambiguity please consult convener central admission committee.
7. The interviews of Microbiology, Genetics, Biotechnology, Chemistry will be held at Kanju 1 Campus Kanju Township. (Phone No: 0946-881773)
8. The interviews of Law and Shariah, B.Ed (4 year) and Islamiyat interviews will be held at Kanju 2 Campus Kanju Township. (Phone No: 0946-881483)
9. The interviews of Journalism, English, Psychology, Zoology, Forestry, Economics, Development Studies, Mathematics, BBA, Botany, Environmental Science, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Sociology, Pak-Study etc will be held at Main Campus, Sector D, Kanju Township, Swat (Phone No: 0946-923090)
10. The interviews of Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Physics, Geology etc will be held at PTCL Campus Kanju Township. (Phone No: 0946-881795)
11. Women Campus interviews (Zoology, Botany, Home Economics and Psychology) will held at Women Campus, College of Home Sciences, Kanju Township, Swat. (Phone No:0946-881030)
12. Errors / Ommissions subject to rectification as and when found.
13. Please bring original documents plus two sets of attested copies of the documents along with 04 passport size photographs.