Institute of Chemical Sciences


Chemistry is a scientific discipline which studies the properties, composition, and transformation of matter. It is an immensely interesting, dynamic and rapidly changing field and is one of the central sciences which help in understanding the origin of life and suggest ways for giving comfort to life. A chemistry degree holder has a wide range of employment opportunities in the academic and research institutions and industries especially in the textile &Pharmaceutical Industry, Clinical laboratories, Oil refineries, Chemical industry, Paint industry, Cement industry, Beverages & Food product industry, Analytical & instrumental companies. The Institute of Chemical Sciences is equipped with highly qualified, dedicated and proficient faculty. Students who wish to pursue an academic/research carrier in Chemistry are invited to join us.

Vision And Mission

The Institute of Chemical Sciences, University of Swat was established in November 2013. We currently offer M.Sc. (2 years) and BS programs to develop the conceptual and problem-solving skills in our students. Apart from teaching, our mission is to establish research laboratories equipped with sophisticated research facilities. We intend to be a pre-eminent teaching and research institution for quality research training in the region. We strive to contribute in fulfilling the need of quality manpower in science and technology. We envision our Institute to play a leading role in teaching and research and expect our graduates will serve the nation and humanity.

Head Of The Department

Dr. Ihsan Ullah

E-mail: ;
Details: Assistant Professor HEC-DAAD Fellow HEC-Approved supervisor Ph.D:(Universität Rostock, Germany – HEC Overseas Scholarship) M.Sc:(Dept. of Chemistry, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad)

Teaching Faculty

Dr. Adnan Shahzad

Assistant Professor

Details: Assistant Professor in Inorganic Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Sciences, PhD (Inorganic Chemistry) department of Chemistry university of Malakand. Dissertation: coordination compound of group-11 for potential biological and catalytic applications. email:; Phone: +92-946-770948-50, Ext-120

Dr. Adnan

Assistant Professor

Details: – Assistant Professor in Analytical Chemistry, – Ph.D (Analytical Chemistry), Institute of Chemical Sciences, University of Peshawar, Pakistan. – Staff Associate (Researcher), Columbia University, USA. – M.Sc (Analytical/Inorganic Chemistry), Department of Chemistry, Hazara University, Pakistan. – Personal Home Page:

Dr. Main Gul Sayed

Assistant Professor

Details: Assistant Professor , Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, (2012-2017) Department of Chemistry, University of Malakand KPK. Paksitan. University of Leuven, Celestijnenlaan 200F,B-3001 Heverlee Belgium Dissertation: Synthesis , Characterization and bioassay of novel porphyrin derivatives Supervisor: Dr. Muhammad Naveed Umar ( Co-Supervisor: Prof. Wim dehaen (