Dr. Adnan Shahzad

Dr. Adnan Shahzad
E-mail: adnanshahzad@uswat.edu.pk
Phone: +92-946-770948-50, Ext-120
Research Interest: Coordination chemistry, coordination polymers, ligands designing and their applications in various fields
Research Group: Dr. Adnan Shahzad
Mailing Address: adnanshahzad@uswat.edu.pk; adnanshahzad09@gmail.com
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Assistant Professor in Inorganic Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Sciences, PhD (Inorganic Chemistry) department of Chemistry university of Malakand. Dissertation: coordination compound of group-11 for potential biological and catalytic applications.
email: adnanshahzad@uswat.edu.pk; adnanshahzad09@gmail.com
Phone: +92-946-770948-50, Ext-120
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