Dr. Hassan Sher (Dean of Life Sciences, SAARC – Gold Medalist)

Dr. Hassan Sher (Dean of Life Sciences, SAARC – Gold Medalist)
E-mail: hassansher@uswat.edu.pk
Room: Office of Registrar/ Centre for Plant sciences and Biodiversity
Phone: +92946770948-53
Mobile: +923028040198
Research Interest: My research interests lie in understanding the ecological consequences of cultural uses of plants and their habitats. I am particularly interested in understanding local and indigenous resource management practices and the ways in which these have shaped and continue to shape our natural environments. On a practical level, I am interested in applying this knowledge towards the conservation of biological and cultural diversity. My research draws on methods in quantitative plant ecology, population modeling and ethnoecology.
Research Group: Plant Systematics and Biodiversity Research Group
Mailing Address: Associate Professor/Registrar, University of Swat, Pakistan.
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Born in District Swat, I have been associated with research and teaching for the last 20 years. I got MSc (Botany, 1995), MPhil (Plant Ecology, 1998) from the Botany Department, Peshawar University and PhD (Plant Ecology, 2005) from GC University Lahore. I worked on traditional knowledge system, ethnobotany, ecology, in-situ and ex-situ conservation of valuable endangered plant species with IUCN, WWF, SDC/IC, FAO and UNDP. I have rich experience in the restoration/rehabilitation of degraded habitats and recovery of rare/threatened plant species.

To my credit, I have more than 100 original research articles, both in national and international journals. I have traveled extensively in Pakistan and some countries of Asia. I have actively participated in several national and international scientific conferences/seminars/workshops. I am a member of seven national and international scientific societies and organizations.

I have sufficient skills to write technical reports, project proposals, and concept papers. I have supervised and examined/evaluated many postgraduate and M.Phil theses and dissertations. . I am also the reviewer of internationally reputed scientific journals.
His services for conservation and innovation in the field of Medicinal Plants Conservation and Management were recognized jointly by the Government of Pakistan and SAARC countries by awarding him the prestigious SAARC Gold Medal and SAARC Award in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2005.
I have almost one years experience of work with Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation (as Agriculture Advisor) in Pakistan. In these one years I have developed different Project Proposal, Concept paper for the rehabilitation of livelihood of local community from forest resources especially from medicinal plants and also from agriculture.

I have also worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Botany & Microbiology, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I was mostly involved in the research activities of the University.
Currently I am working as Professor in the Centre for Plant Sciences and Biodiversity, University of Swat, Pakistan. At present I am mostly involved in the research activities of the University. I am also establishing links of the university with national and international organization.
In addition to my above main responsibility of teaching and research I have been assigned additional responsibility of Registrar University of Swat since March 17,2016. Furthermore, Dr Hassan Sher has been working as a Focal person for Himalaya University Consortium of ICIMOD for Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management. He has also been working as Focal Person to Higher Education Commission Islamabad for establishment of Women Campus in University of Swat.
Project Title Status
Medicinal and aromatic plants production for economic development and conservation in Swat Valley, Pakistan: Improving livelihoods and mitigating climate change Under Process
Molecular and Physiological Evaluation of stay green wheat genotypes for drought tolerance Under Process
Diversity and phylogeny of some economically important mushrooms of District Dir Upper Pakistan Under Process
Economic development through MAPs cultivation in District Swat, Pakistan Completed
Institutional Strengthening Establishment of Mushroom Spawn Production Laboratory Completed
Survey of the Macro-fungi(Morel Mushroom) of Northern Pakistan, to quantify the benefits and viability of a country-wide inventory Completed
Maximizing farm income and other livelihood opportunities through introduction of high value minor crops in district Swat, Pakistan Completed
Possible Growth Climate Response of Conifer Tree Species of Swat Valley Completed
Introduction of Alternate Renewable Energy Resource Production ( Biodiesel Production) Completed
Promotion of Economically Important Medicinal Plants through Introduction of Cultivation and Conservation technology: A renewable Resource for Sustainable Development of the Kingdom Completed
Restoration of lowland coniferous forests through agro forestry systems with culturally and economically important native species. Sponsored by Plant Life International Completed
Population ecology and conservation of Native Himalaya plants in Pakistan, assessing the regeneration ecology of five native tree species under differing kinds of land management and history. Sponsored by WWF and Plant Life International Completed
Use, management, ecology and conservation of subsistence and commercial non-timber forest species in the Northern parts of Pakistan). Sponsored by IUCN Pakistan Completed
Introduction of Improved Community Based Management Mechanism for Conservation, Development and Protection of Forest Resources in Bahrain Forest Range of District Swat. Sponsored by UNDP and completed through CARAVAN under my supervision Completed
Thesis Title Status