Dr. Nisar Ahmad

Dr. Nisar Ahmad
E-mail: ahmadn@uswat.edu.pk
Phone: +92-946-881773
Mobile: +92-332-9959234
Research Interest: Medicinal plants have provided many past and present civilizations with a source of diverse medicines. They are termed as “medicinal” due to the presence of various valuable compounds which are used as alternative medicine throughout the world. There are more than 8000 medicinal plants listed in different classical and modern texts. In developing countries, medicinal plants are attaining greater importance in the primary health care of individuals and communities. Medicinal plants form a large group of economically important plants that provide the basic raw materials for indigenous pharmaceuticals. Due to overexploitation and poor conservation strategies these medicinal plants is currently threatened in communities of developing countries. Plant Cell Culture Lab/our group are particularly focusing on establishment of efficient and consistent production system for commercially important medicinal plant species. Conservation of threatened/endangered plant species, characterization and enhancement of targeted secondary metabolites in different in vitro culture systems Medicinal Plant Biotechnology and Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture are main areas of interest
Research Group: Biotechnology/Plant Biotechnology/Medicinal Plant Biotechnology
Mailing Address: Centre for Biotechnology and Microbiology (CB&M), Kanju-1 Campus, University of Swat
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Assistant Professor, Center for Biotechnology and Microbiology.
PhD. Plant Biotechnology/Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture,
Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad
HEC Approved Supervisor
Email: ahmadn@uswat.edu.pk
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