Teaching Faculty

Dr. Muhammad Alamzeb

E-mail: dralamzeb@uswat.edu.pk
Details: Assistant Professor, Institute of Chemical Sciences Ph.D (Organic Chemistry, University of Peshawar) Phone: +92-946-770948-50, Ext-120 Email: dralamzeb@uswat.edu.pk, zebchemist@gmail.com

Dr. Muhammad Omer

E-mail: omarmarwat@uswat.edu.pk
Details: Assistant Professor, Institute of Chemical Sciences Ph.D (Polymer Science & Engineering , Kyungpook National University (KNU), South Korea) Phone: +92-946-770948-50, Ext-120 Email: omarmarwat@uswat.edu.pk, omermarwat@hotmail.com

Dr. Ihsan Ullah (In-Charge)

E-mail: ihsanmtk@uswat.edu.pk
Details: HEC-DAAD Fellow HEC-Approved supervisor Ph.D:(Universität Rostock, Germany – HEC Overseas Scholarship) M.Sc:(Dept. of Chemistry, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad) Research Green Chemistry, Organic Synthesis, Transition Metal Catalysis, interests: Natural Products Chemsitry Current status: Assistant Professor, Institute of Chemsical Sciences Phone:+92-946-770948-50, Ext-120 E-Mail:ihsanmtk@yahoo.com, ihsanmtk@uswat.edu.pk

Dr. Adnan

E-mail: adnanchem@uswat.edu.pk, adnanchem@yahoo.com
Details: - Assistant Professor in Analytical Chemistry, - Ph.D (Analytical Chemistry), Institute of Chemical Sciences, University of Peshawar, Pakistan. - Staff Associate (Researcher), Columbia University, USA. - M.Sc (Analytical/Inorganic Chemistry), Department of Chemistry, Hazara University, Pakistan. - Personal Home Page: https://sites.google.com/a/uswat.edu.pk/dradnan/