Teaching Faculty

Dr. Akhtar Rasool (HEC Approved Supervisor)

E-mail: arasool@uswat.edu.pk
Details: Incharge, Centre for Animal Sciences & Fisheries, Ph.D Insect Molecular Biology (PIEAS, Islamabad). My research (PhD and Current) is centered on insect molecular biology mainly, to study evolutionary adaptations in insects which are mediated by chemical signals; insect-plant, insect-microbe, and insect-insect interactions; insects genomics and biodiversity (DNA barcoding). I am also supervising students in the field of fish biodiversity and fish related disease.

Ms. Rohi Naz

E-mail: rohinaz@uswat.edu.pk
Details: Lecturer,Center for Animal Sciences and Fisheries M.Sc Zoology (Gold Medalist) University of Peshawar Email: rohinaz@uswat.edu.pk

Mr. Naseer Ullah

E-mail: naseer@uswat.edu.pk
Details: Lecturer. MPhil Zoology (Hazara University, Mansehra). Semester Coordinator, BS Zoology. Departmental Focal Person, Prime Minister Laptop Scheme. Staff Proctor. Organizer, Adventure and Hiking Club University of Swat

Ms. Shabnam

E-mail: shabnam@uswat.edu.pk
Details: Lecturer, Center for Animal Sciences and Fisheries M.Sc Zoology University of Peshawar Email: shabnam@uswat.edu.pk

Mr. Hamid ur Rahman

E-mail: hamid@uswat.edu.pk, hamidicup@hotmail.com
Details: Lecturer. MPhil Parasitology (Quaid-i-azam University Islamabad), BS Zoology (Islamia College Peshawar). My research interests are in understanding the ecology of diseases affecting human, and wildlife health in natural ecosystems, parasite-host and vector interaction, arthropod-borne parasitic diseases, vector ecology and control. Additionally, I am performing my duties as Semester Coordinator for the MSc program and as Organizer of the Society for Disaster Management and Health affairs, University of Swat.