Teaching Faculty

Dr. Akhtar Rasool (HEC Approved Supervisor)

E-mail: arasool@uswat.edu.pk
Details: Incharge, Centre for Animal Sciences & Fisheries, Ph.D Insect Molecular Biology (PIEAS, Islamabad). My research (PhD and Current) is centered on insect molecular biology mainly, to study evolutionary adaptations in insects which are mediated by chemical signals; insect-plant, insect-microbe, and insect-insect interactions; insects genomics and biodiversity (DNA barcoding). I am also supervising students in the field of fish biodiversity and fish related disease.

Ms. Rohi Naz

E-mail: rohinaz@uswat.edu.pk
Details: Lecturer,Center for Animal Sciences and Fisheries M.Sc Zoology (Gold Medalist) University of Peshawar Email: rohinaz@uswat.edu.pk

Mr. Naseer Ullah

E-mail: naseer@uswat.edu.pk
Details: Lecturer. MPhil Zoology (Hazara University, Mansehra). Semester Coordinator, BS Zoology. Departmental Focal Person, Prime Minister Laptop Scheme. Staff Proctor. Organizer, Adventure and Hiking Club University of Swat

Ms. Shabnam

E-mail: shabnam@uswat.edu.pk
Details: Lecturer, Center for Animal Sciences and Fisheries M.Sc Zoology University of Peshawar Email: shabnam@uswat.edu.pk

Mr. Hamid ur Rahman

E-mail: hamid@uswat.edu.pk, hamidicup@hotmail.com
Details: Lecturer. MPhil Parasitology (Quaid-i-azam University Islamabad), BS Zoology (Islamia College Peshawar). My research interests are in understanding the ecology of diseases affecting human, and wildlife health in natural ecosystems, parasite-host and vector interaction, arthropod-borne parasitic diseases, vector ecology and control. Additionally, I am performing my duties as Semester Coordinator for the MSc program and as Organizer of the Society for Disaster Management and Health affairs, University of Swat.

Dr. Muzafar Shah (HEC Approved Supervisor)

E-mail: muzafar@uswat.edu.pk/muzafarshah39@gmail.com
Details: Assistant Professor, Centre for Animal Sciences & Fisheries