Teaching Faculty

Mr. Imran (Gold Medalist)

E-mail: imran_sociologist@uswat.edu.pk
Details: Lecturer of Sociology, Program Coordinator (MA Sociology), Focal Person, PM Laptop Scheme, Department of Social and Gender Studies In-charge, Social Work Program Deputy Chief Proctor (M) Organizer, Society for the Promotion of Social Sciences, Social Welfare and Awareness. MPhil Sociology, The University of Agriculture, Peshawar PhD Scholar, University of Peshawar Email: imran_sociologist@uswat.edu.pk

Dr. Abdullah

E-mail: abdullah@uswat.edu.pk
Details: Assistant Professor PhD, University of Peshawar

Mr. Muhammad Asghar Khan (Gold Medalist)

E-mail: asgharkhan@uswat.edu.pk
Details: Lecturer in Sociology M. Phil, University of Malakand