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Graphene Based nanomaterials

Field Expert: Dr. Kefayat Ullah

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The Carbon Based Nano-Materials research group intends to work on carbon related materials at bulk and nano-structures for their application in renewable energy and storage. The Nano-carbon group focuses on the investigation of production of nano graphene using various techniques. These methods include CVD grown graphene and its composite with various transition metal chalcogenides and oxide materials for catalytic, energy and other sensing aplication.


Field Expert: Dr. Amin Ur Rashid

The Nano-Biomagnetism research group is interested to work on Magnetic Nanostructures for their biomedical applications, especially for the treatment and diagnosis of diseases. Magnetic Nanoparticles are particularly promising in this context for several biomedical applications, such as: (a) cellular therapy involving cell labeling and targeting (b) tissue repair  (c) targeted drug delivery (d) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) (e) hyperthermia  treatment of cancer.


Theoritical  Plasma Physics

Field Expert: Dr. Fazli Hadi

Dr. Hadi’s research interest is to investigate the free energy associated with non-Maxwellian plasmas that can be converted into turbulent plasma motion or radiations via instabilities. The kinetic theory approach, which is based on Vlasov Maxwell’s equations, can be used as a tool of exploration.                                                                   plasma physics