Department of English and Foreign Languages


In today’s globalized world English has assumed increasing significance as it is the main medium of international communication. The programme we offer in the department aims at producing graduates who have strong written and oral skills in the English language which will help them fulfill their economic and socio-cultural needs. Moreover, the syllabus is designed to inculcate a creative, analytical and reflective mindset in our students. Their critical ability and independent thinking will not only help them groom into more conscientious individuals but they will also be able to respond in a more meaningful way to the opportunities and challenges in their societies.


The Department of English and Foreign Languages envisages to provide outstanding education in English literature and language studies to gain recognition on the national and international levels as a model of academic excellence in this field of study. We will combine excellent teaching with standard research which bears relevance to economic and socio-cultural needs of the contemporary world.


We seek to foster knowledge by inculcating love of literature and of language in our students. Our coherent curricular framework and well-structured course-work provide an environment to groom students in literary, linguistic, theoretical and pedagogical skills related to English literature and language studies. We encourage our students to be independent thinkers and evaluate what they are taught.


  • Our students will be knowledgeable in the general and specific properties of the English language for personal intellectual growth and professional development.
  • The department will produce critical thinkers on social, cultural, political, and educational issues surrounding language study.
  • Our graduates in English Language and Literature will be able to correctly use the vocabulary associated with the analysis of literary texts.
  • Our students will demonstrate the ability to engage in comparative analysis of texts.
  • We will facilitate and encourage our students to be exposed to professional forums such as conferences, seminars and workshops relevant to their field of study.
  • We will work with the university administration to upgrade the facilities and materials available to students in the department.
  • We will increase interaction of the English Department with other Departments/Programs, inside and outside the university, in order to establish a culture of multidisciplinary approach in the department.
  • We will enhance and encourage continual professional development of the faculty through engaging them in relevant forums of professional learning and exposure.

Marketability of the Graduates / Job Opportunities

The skills you gain through studying an English degree are marketable in most career areas, including:

  • Teaching jobs in schools, colleges and universities
  • Provincial and federal civil service positions
  • Jobs in media organisations including English newspapers, magazines, radio and television channels
  • Publishing companies
  • Advertising, marketing and public relations agencies
  • Administrative and managerial positions in educational and non-educational organisations
  • Translator/interpreter positions
  • Marketing executive