Forensic is the application of science widely used in the judgments of legal cases or disputes. The role of the forensic scientist is to provide the justice system with unbiased and scientifically precise information. Criminal forensics has recently been made popular by TV shows such as CBS’s CSI. These scientists specialize in examining physical evidence to link a crime scene, suspect, and/or victim. The field of forensic science has received extensive exposure in recent years and is now regarded as a highly respected discipline among scientists and criminality.



Due to immense importance of forensic sciences, the Department of Forensic Sciences at University of Swat was established in 2014 to facilitate teaching of the basic ideas and concepts of forensic sciences to upcoming forensic scientists and students or persons already associated with the legal field. It is the first department for the subject of forensics in the province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and the first in the country to offer BS in Forensic Science.


To be the leader in forensic science innovation: education, research, training and services



The mission of the Department is:

  1. To produce technically skilled graduates equipped with the basic foundational science and laboratory problem-solving skills necessary for success in the modern crime laboratory
  2. To educate students with the knowledge and skills needed to prepare reports and expert witness testimony based on these findings
  3. To provide forensic services to community and to supplement laboratories of law enforcement agencies
  4. To collaborate with institutes and laboratories sharing our vision
  5. To serve as a hub for research in the field