Department of Environmental and Conservation Sciences


Environmental and Conservation Sciences is an interdisciplinary field concerned with the interaction of processes that shape our natural environment. The Department of Environmental Sciences was established in October, 2011 with more than one hundred students leading to BS (Hons) and M.Sc., degrees. The Department conducts research and offers instructions in the areas of Geological, Hydrological, Biological, Ecological and Atmospheric Sciences.


The Department focuses to pioneer a new generation of research and teaching methods that understand the fundamental processes which contribute to environmental pollution and natural resource degradation and arrive at solutions to pressing societal problems; Moreover, to prepares graduates for understanding environmental systems, predicting environmental changes, participating in the management of the environment, and contributing for the promotion of sustainable society.


To provide formal education and research in the field of Environmental and Conservation Sciences to bring the education standards up to the international level.

To work for the conservation of natural resources, which is often characterized by amounts of biodiversity and geo-diversity existent in various ecosystems.

To provide a good research environment for publishing research outcomes in the journals of international repute.

To provide professional services such as special trainings, analyses, surveys and consultancies to the manufacturing and processing industries, NGOs, CBOs, engineering firms etc.