Department of Economics and Development Studies


Economics and Development Studies are among the key disciplines in the social sciences. Specialization in economics, Sociology and Development Studies is a gateway to productive and rewarding work in the private, or in government sector. The Department of Economic and Development Studies is one of the pioneer Departments of University of Swat.

The Mission of the Institute

The Institute promotes advanced learning methodologies and persistently strives to develop creative thinking skills in students in order to prepare them to take effective decisions in business and many other areas in the future.

Vision of the Institute

The development of the professional skills of the students and to fulfill the demand of the growing interest in higher degrees, the institute intends to initiate MS, M. Phil. and Ph D. programs in the specialized subjects of Economics, Sociology and Development Studies is among of the goals for our future vision. Currently, the Institute of Economic, Social and Development Studies have BS (4 Years) program in Economics and Development Studies and M.A (2 Years) in Sociology. Our objective is to excel in the field of research at par with the reputed international institutions. We also aim to establish linkages with the international institutions in research and exchange of students. The Institute is also planning to establish an applied research centre by 2015. The objective of the establishment of the applied research centre is to attract researchers from different parts of the country and to inter into memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with foreign universities to imparting advanced research skills in the students as well as to facilitate the exchange of students and faculty between the Institute of Economic, Social and Development Studies and universities abroad.