Centre for Animal Sciences and Fisheries


The Centre for Animal Science and Fisheries is a newly launched department in 2011 at the University of Swat.. The department offers BS  (4 years) & M.Sc Zoology (2 years) program in zoology. The department gives opportunity to the students to get quality education and peruse research at their door steps who in most cases are unable to afford education in other parts of the country. The courses offered will educated the students in the science of zoology who would be able to contribute to the advancement of research both at home and abroad. The technical skills embodied in the graduates will enable them to cater to the needs of the market demands vis-a -vis enter into professional jobs in the future.


The goal of the department is to develop a broad understanding. Developmental Biology, Biostatistics, ,Physiology, Animal Diversity, Zoogeography & Paleontology and Animal Behavior, Parasitology, Entomology and Fisheries  among others. BS (4 years) programs in zoology train the students in research at their terminal semester on wide range of topics in the field of zoology. In future, launching M.Phil/Ph.D in zoology is one of the important objective of the department of zoology.