Department of Social and Gender Studies


Department of Social and Gender Studies currently offers MA Sociology.
The discipline of Sociology educates students about social world around them. They are empowered through Sociological knowledge, skills and commitment to work for socio-economic development. They are trained how to resolve different conflicts through dialogue and discussion.
The department is also imparting Sociological knowledge and skills to students of other disciplines and faculties of University of Swat to develop their understanding about social problems that they face in their daily life.


Promotion of peace, tolerance and mutual respect in society


Strengthening of Social Institutions through sociological research and teaching.


  1. To graduate students of Sociology with Sociological knowledge and professional skills to work for peace, tolerance and sustainability of society.
  2. To integrate academic research with developmental activities of government and non-government organizations
  3. To enlighten all stakeholders of society about their resources, social problems and solution.

Program Offered:

BS Sociology (4-Year)


• At least 45 % marks in F.A/F.Sc
MA Sociology (2-Year)


• At least 45% marks in B.A/B.Sc

Head Of The Department

Mr. Imran (Gold Medalist)

E-mail: Details: Lecturer of Sociology & In-Charge, Department of Social and Gender Studies (DS&GS), Sangota Campus, UoS Program Coordinator (MA Sociology) & Focal Person, PM Laptop Scheme (DS&GS), In-charge, Social Work Program, University of Swat (UoS), Chief Proctor, UoS Organizer, Anti-narcotics Society, UoS. MPhil Sociology, The University of Agriculture, Peshawar PhD Scholar, University of Peshawar