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Department of Economics and Development Studies


Economics and Development Studies are among the key disciplines in the social sciences. Specialization in Economics and Development Studies is a gateway to productive and rewarding work in the private or in government sector. The Department of Economic and Development Studies is one of the pioneer Departments of University of Swat.



The development of the professional skills of the students and to fulfill the demand of the growing interest in higher degrees, the department intends to initiate MS, M.Phil. and Ph.D. programs in the specialized subjects of Economics and Development Studies is among the goals for our future vision. Currently, the Department of Economics and Development Studies have BS (4 Years) program in Economics and Development Studies. Our objective is to excel in the field of research at par with the reputed international institutions. We also aim to establish linkages with the international institutions in research and exchange of students. The department is also planning to establish an applied research centre by 2020. The objective of the establishment of the applied research centre is to attract researchers from different parts of the country and to enter into memorandum of understanding (MOUs) with foreign universities to impart advanced research skills to the students as well as to facilitate the exchange of students and faculty between the Department of Economics and Development Studies and universities abroad.


The Department promotes advanced learning methodologies and persistently strives to develop creative thinking skills in students in order to prepare them to take effective decisions in managing business, governments, households and individuals resources and many other areas in the future



  1. To capacitate the students with sound theoretical and applied knowledge in line with the international standard.
  2. To enlighten the students with the economic and development challenges in the country and around the world.
  3. To create a generation of students embodied with the skills of modern research in economics and development studies, so that they can disseminate information based on these studies in timely manner.
  4. To groom and educate the students to meet demand for institutions and the society.
  5. To create a generation of future economist, capable of modern research and to contribute to the development of society in Pakistan and around the world.
  6. Collecting information and conduct analysis that will help local people, entrepreneurs and change-agents to have forward-looking perspective and to take decisions about how to use resources at their disposal.
  7. Focusing on emerging problems in microeconomics, macroeconomics, rural and urban areas that may require corrective measures and provide objectives appraisal of action alternatives that can be considered and their likely outcomes.
  8. Maintaining communication with other professional, training and advisory groups throughout the world, with a view toward acquiring fresh ideas for improvements in policies, planning, program design, research methodology and information dissemination.

Dr.Umar Hayat

Details: Head of Department and Assistant Professor, Department of Economics and Development Studies Ph D in Economics, Department of Economics (University of Peshawar) M. Phil Economics, Department of Economics (University of Peshawar) Email:

Mr.Muhammad Imad Khan

E-mail: Details: Lecturer, Department of Economics and Development Studies PhD in progress M.Phil Economics (Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan) BS (Hons) Economics (Government College, University Lahore) Additional Responsibilities: Deputy Director P&D (June 2016-June 2017) Member of the syndicate (June 2014-June 2017) Attended 20th Masters trainers faculty professional development program (MTFPDP) at HEC islamabad Email:

Teaching Faculty

Dr. Sheraz Ali


Details: Lecturer in Development Studies, University of Swat PhD in Sociology, University of Malakand MS in Development Economics and Policy Institute for Development Policy and Management University of Manchester UK MA Economics, University of Peshawar

Mr Jawad Ahmad


Details: Lecturer, Department of Economics and Development Studies M. Phil Economics and Finance Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, Islamabad Email:

Ms. Bushra Kiran


Details: Lecturer, Department of Economics and Development Studies. M.Phil (Agricultural-Economics) Agriculture University Peshawar Email: