Contact Us

you can call one of the following phone numbers to instantly get in contact.

VC Office  
PS To Vice Chancellor 0946-923012
PS To Vice Chancellor (Fax)  
Registrar Office  
PS to Registrar  0946-923013
PS to Registrar(Fax)  
Deputy Registrar  
Assistant Registrar (Meetings)  0946-923011
Controller of Examinations Office  
Controller of Examination(Fax) 0946-881728
Controller of Examination  
Examination (DMC Section) 0946-881723
Examination (Admission Section)  
Assistant Controller(conduct) 0946-881728
 Provost/Admission office Kanju Sector-D  0946-923090
Director P&D 0946-722686
Directorate of Works 0946-724470
Administrative Office 0946-723916
Treasurer Office 0946-9240406
Director of Audit 0946-9240291
Director IPS & B Kanju campus 0946-881483
Earth and Sciences Kanju campus 0946-881795
Department of CBM  kanju campus 0946-881773
Department of  Zoology Kanju campus 0946-881774
College Of  Home Sciences 0946-9240194