Contact Us

you can call one of the following phone numbers to instantly get in contact.

VC Office  
PS To Vice Chancellor  
PS To Vice Chancellor (Fax)  
Registrar Office  
PS to Registrar  0946-923013
PS to Registrar(Fax)  
Deputy Registrar (Establishment)   0946-923105
Assistant Registrar (Meetings)  0946-923011
Controller of Examinations Office  
Controller of Examination(Fax) 0946-881728
Controller of Examination 0946-881723
Deputy Controller of Examination 0946-173988
Examination (DMC Section) 0946-881723
Examination (Admission Section) 0946-881738
Assistant Controller(conduct) 0946-881728
 Provost/Admission office Kanju Sector-D 0946-923090
Director P&D 0946-881430
Directorate of Works 0946-881430
Administrative Office 0946-881277
Treasurer Office 0946-923103
Director of Audit 0946-923103
Director IPS & B Kanju campus 0946-881483
Earth and Sciences Kanju campus 0946-881795
Department of CBM  kanju campus 0946-881773
Department of  Chemical Sciences Kanju campus 0946-881774
College Of  Home Sciences 0946-881037
Principle of College Of  Home Sciences 0946-881030
Director QEC 0946-881810
Department of Islamic Studies 0946-881483
Department of Education 0946-881742
Department of C&ST 0946-881089