College Of Home Sciences


The College of Home Sciences is a constituent college of the University of Swat. The University of Swat monitors its academic activities, administrative & financial issues. The College of Home Sciences was founded in 2013 to create a distinguished center of excellence for teaching and research in the field of Home Economics. It is a professional level college offering highly specialized and technical courses in five different disciplines of Home Economics i.e. Art & Design, Food & Nutrition, Human Development & Family Studies, Management Studies and Textile & Clothing. Such subjects enhance and add to the professional and transferable skills of young women and thus empower them to become the leaders of positive and productive change within their surrounding communities as well as nationwide through active participation in discussions and decision makings at homes as well as at national levels. This field of study extends opportunities for pursuing careers in any of the above professions. Therefore it has special significance in molding the female generation, providing them with an opportunity to study a unique blend both science and art related subjects. It also opens up future avenues for personal, professional and social enhancement.


  1. Preparation of the individuals to become professionals for the development of community and environment.
  2. To provide up-to-date and modern education to the students and to develop social sensibilities and prepare the students to manage their various roles not only as individuals but also as family members and citizens of the state.
  3. To gear women towards a number of professional careers thus providing them countless opportunities to improve their living standards.
  4. To give realization to the women about the importance of their distinct role as nation builders.
  5. To expose the students to the modern knowledge and technology in order to familiarize them with the advancements in the industrial sector.
  6. To educate women so that they may be able to make themselves useful individuals as well as may play their role as effective members of a family.
  7. To prepare leaders in the various fields of Home Economics: food & nutrition, institutional food management, home management & housing, child development and social relationship, clothing & textile and related art.
  8. To contribute to the improvement of quality and standard of life in Pakistan and to strengthen the family as the foundation of the nation.


The College of Home Sciences is the second government institute which came forward with a mission of bringing a social change based on the assurance of a healthy environment where individuals will be able to live in mutual coexistence, well equipped with the guiding principles of tolerance and mutual understanding. Home Economics recognize homes as the foundation of development and integrity of family as an inevitable requisite for the establishment of homes. Thus the institute struggles to improve the quality of day-to-day living of families and consumers and prepares them to combat the issues and challenges which require understanding of societal developments based on local, national   as well as international grounds. The College takes the noble responsibility of molding the females of the surrounding area into useful beings of the society by polishing their skills and gives them full opportunities to use their rights of expression and freedom to enter into a noble profession without ignoring their position as a building block of a family. The College intends to strengthen its foundation on the principles of quality education, equal access and merit.

Who should study Home Economics?

  1. If you have a natural ability or tendency for arts like painting, designing, sculpture, calligraphy, cooking or textile then there isn’t a better idea for you other than going for Home Economics.
  2. Home economics is a key to a happily married life so if you want to lead the life of a queen then your educational career in Home Economics will lead your way to a successful married life.
  3. Home Economics does not restrict you to a specific field so if you want to open the door of unlimited job opportunities for yourself then do not forget to knock at the door of Home Economics.
  4. Creativity is the soul of Home Economics. So if you believe that you are creative then we welcome you to come and become a successful Home Economist, Psychologist or an Adviser at the College of Home Sciences.

Career Choices in Home Economics

Home Economics is a field of study that encompasses an array of skills related to the management of households. The nationwide high scope of Home Economics offers various job positions for Home Economists. Few of such career opportunities are listed below:

  1. Instructor in Vocational institutes, Lecturer, Arts and Home Economics School Teacher
  2. Banker, Supervisor, Manager, HR Officer, Quality Control Officer, Event Organizer
  3. Textile, Interior, furniture, fashion Designer, Master trainer
  4. Artist, Creative Writer, Sculpturist, Painter, Researcher
  5. Calligrapher, Creative Editor, NGO worker
  6. Consultant, Nutritionist/Child and female’s diet adviser
  7. Home architect, community mobilizer

  Programs offered

  1. B.Sc Home Economics (4-year integrated program, Annual system)

College of Home Sciences offers B.Sc (Home Economics) with specialization in the fields of Art & Decor, Textile & Clothing, Human Development Studies, Food & Nutrition, Management studies. Eligibility: a)      SSC in at least Second Division with Science Subjects OR b)      SSC (Humanities Group) in at least Second Division with outlines of Home Economics/ Computer Science c)      SSC 1st Division (Humanities Group)

  1. BS(4-Year) Home Economics

Semester system Eligibility: F.A/F.Sc or equivalent with at least second division

  1. F.Sc Pre-Medical/Pre-Engineering/Computer Science

Eligibilty: SSC in at least Second Division with Science Subjects

General rules for students

  1. All the students are expected to observe the Dress code of the college already explained in the prospectus.
  2. The students are not allowed to wear makeup or jewelry. Students violating the dress code will be dealt as per disciplinary rules of the University/College.
  3. Students are required to wear their cards all the time. In case of loss of card, a duplicate card would be issued on payment.
  4. Students are expected to observe strict order and discipline in the college and the hostel.
  5. Students should not create disturbance in the class and in the college verandahs and corridors, so that there is no disturbance in the class work.
  6. Students must be punctual in:
  7. Attending lectures
  8. Paying the college and hostel dues.
  9. Returning Library books
  10. Students are not allowed to see visitors or bring them to the college during academic hours.
  11. Students are not allowed to leave the college premises during the academic hours.
  12. Students are not allowed to walk or make noise near the In charge/ Principal’s office.
  13. Students are not allowed to celebrate parties during the academic hours.
  14. Students should read the notice board daily.
  15. Students are not allowed to damage college property.
  16. Students are supposed to attend college co-curricular activities.
  17. Students   must attend all classes when they are in the college. Strict action will be taken against students who bunk classes.
  18. Students are not allowed to bring cell phones, camera, video cameras, I-Pad,MP3, MP4, tape recorders, photo albums etc. If found these things will be confiscated.

Leave Rules

  1. Leave will be grated on prior approval.
  2. Students should apply for leave on medical grounds within three days of falling ill and leave application should be accompanied by a medical certificate from the hospital with relevant medical documents. Simple medical certificates without test reports, medical prescription, Receipts, and discharge slip will not be accepted. After rejoining the classes the medical certificates will not be acceptable.
  3. Six days consecutive absence from college will render a student liable to struck off.Readmissionn will be possible on double fee within 15 days.
  4. Absence from college at both ends of holidays will lead to inclusion of the whole period as absence from college.
  5. 75% attendance is mandatory for eligibility to sit in the annual examination.
  6. Any leave will not relax 75% attendance requirement.
  7. Shortage of attendance may lead to detention of a student.
  8. Re admission will be allowed on genuine reason after repayment of admission dues, provided the request for the same is submitted to the Principal/In charge within a fortnight.
  9. All the students are bound to follow the Rules & Regulations already laid down in the college Prospectus.

Note: Every staff member has the right to check students for not observing the above   mentioned rules and any report by the staff member will bring punishment to the defaulters.

Fine on absenteeism

The following fines shall be imposed if a student found guilty as per rules of the college.

  1. Per Day absentee fine is Rs. 20/- (twenty) in normal days.
  2. Absentees fine during the Test is Rs. 100/-
  3. College timing/ Sessions started   at 8:00 AM. Margin time for students is 15 minutes. The students entering between 8:15 to 8:30 will be fined Rs 20/- after 8:30 no student will be allowed to enter the College.
  4. Home Examination is compulsory for the student. Absent Fine   in Home Exam will be Rs 500/= (five hundred) per paper.

Declaration I solemnly declare that I have read and understood the prospectus and all the rules and regulations. Beside this document I will provide the Undertaking / Agreement duly signed by notary public. Name, Signature   of the candidate Name, signature/ thumb impression of the parent/ Guardian Date:


College Faculty

  1. Ms. Naseem Asghar (Principal)

M.Phil (Statistics)

  1. Miss Hina Khan (lecturer)

M.Sc (Management Studies)

  1. Rehmania Aman (lecturer)

M.Sc (Art & Design)

  1. Rabia Siraj (lecturer)

M.Sc (Human Development Studies)

  1. Asma bibi (lecturer)

M.Phil (Chemistry)

  1. Lubna Faizullah (lecturer)

M.Phil (Botany)

  1. Aliya bibi (lecturer)

M.Sc (Physics)

  1. Nelofur Marwat (lecturer)

M.A (English)

  1. Madeeha Shah (lecturer)

M.A Urdu (gold medalist)

  1. Palwasha Rahim (lecturer)

M.Sc (Psychology)

  1. Jasmeet Kumari (lab assistant)

M.Sc (Zoology)  

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